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Sodas and Mentos Experiment

No description

Anna Lee

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Sodas and Mentos Experiment

Soda and Mentos Experiment
By: Anna

Which type of soda will explode the highest
using Mentos. Sprite, Coke, or Diet Coke?
My hypothesis is that the Coke will explode the highest because when you put a mentos in a soda and shake the bottle, the carbon dioxide will store up and finally pop the cap of the soda bottle as foam shoots out of the bottle. This is the effect for almost all sodas, but I think the Coke will explode the highest because of the large amount of CO2 inside.

Step 1: I would put three sodas (Diet Coke, Coke, and Sprint) side-by-side with three Mentos, all the same size, next to each of the sodas. (Make sure no animals, or people eat the Mentos).

Step 2: I would get the two assistance and a time watch (best if water-proof).

Step 3: Next, we will shake the bottles once, take the caps off, and put the Mentos in each soda.

Step 4: With the two assistants' help, we will set the time watch, put the sodas on the ground, and see which one explodes the highest. While experimenting take pictures and a video.
Bar Graph
Independent Variable (manipulate variable):
*Types of Soda (Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke)

Dependent Variable (responding variables):
*Height of eruption

Controlled Variables:
*Same size and temperature of soda
*Same type of candy (mint Mentos)
*Same # of Mentos (3)
*Same dropping technique

Independent, Dependent, and Controlled Variable
What happened?
The Diet Coke erupted the highest, Coke the second
highest, and the Sprite erupted the smallest.
Why Diet?
Why does Diet Coke go higher than regular Coke or Sprite? Well, Diet coke goes a bit higher than any soda (that I tested) because of the more carbon dioxide and sweetness and gets a little bit more of a boost.

2: 220px-ShimmadalK2007Sept09-MentosGey...
3: Unknown-5-16-18-48
4: Unknown-4.jpegKindJPEGimage
5: images-3-16-18-40.jpegKindJPEGimage
6: Unknown-7-16-18-51.jpeg
1: Wikipedia
2: Eepybird
3: Mental Floss
4: Create a Graph
My hypothesis was wrong because I thought that the regular Coke would go the highest, but the Diet Coke actuality went the highest.
Thank you for watching!!!
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