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Paper or Plastic Grocery Bags?

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Virginia Middleton

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Paper or Plastic Grocery Bags?

Virginia Middleton
Period 2
1/7/13 Claim: Paper bags are better to select than plastic bags while shopping. Counterargument: Paper bags take more energy to produce than plastic bags. Rebuttal: While paper bags do use more energy to make, they come from renewable resources and don't pose as large of an environmental threat. (Keller) Emotional Appeals About Paper Bags Concession: Paper bags aren't the only things that use lots of energy- other common products do as well. Logical Appeals About Paper Bags Ethical Appeals About Paper Bags Works Cited (Hennesy) (Wieigus) (Goedecker) Paper bags don't pose a direct threat to sea creatures like plastic bags do. Plastic in the ocean is responsible for killing 100,000 marine animals each year, including the sea turtle. (Sea turtle) An average of 25 children die each year by suffocating on a plastic bag and many of these children were infants. When a child is left unattended with a plastic bag, great damage can be done to the child and the family. Claim: Paper bags are better to select than plastic bags while shopping. Plastic bags use 594 BTUs while paper bags use 2,511 BTUs. However, to simply make a pound of hamburger 4,144 BTUs are needed. Paper bags are naturally biodegradeable while plastic bags will never completely break down. So, paper bags are the more recycleable product. (Mercado) It takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce a years worth of plastic bags , as opposed to paper which doesn't require any. In addition, paper bags are renewable resources and can be produced from sustainable forests while plastic cannot. Even celebrities like Jessica Alba and Lea Michelle choose paper over plastic. They represent the best interest for the public. (Darren) (Warning) (Shell) (Barclay) Paper bags can be used in many ways besides a way to carry groceries. Ripen fruit
Wrap Presents
Cover Textbooks
Line trash cans (Joe) (Seagull Caught in Plastic Bag) (How to Cover a Textbook) (Densely) (Masterfile) It is a good idea to choose paper over plastic because they are the best choice for our future and our families.
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