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The Odyssey is so pimpin'

Trent Wakenight

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Odyssey

The Odyssey Sweet Nymph and Open Sea What did Zeus ask Hermes to do? Why do you think Athena cares so much about Odysseus' survival? Why did Athena want Zeus to make any future kings cruel to the people of Ithaka? Why did Ino take pity on and help Odysseus? Why would Odysseus choose to return to Penelope, when he could stay with Calypso and stay young forever? Chapter V, Sweet Nymph and Open Sea, tells of Calypso sending Odysseus out to sea. Hermes, the messenger of the gods, is sent by Zeus to tell Calypso she must let Odysseus go home. She complies, making him a raft, and giving him to the mercy of Poseidon.
Poseidon sees Odysseus floating home, and sends wave after wave to pull him under. A small nereid, Ino, however, takes pity on him, giving him her shawl and telling him to swim the rest of way to shore.
Odysseus does, swimming closer and closer to shore, and finally lands on Skheria.
Summary Athena told Zeus to let only cruel, heartless kings rule Ithaka until Odysseus got home. If the rulers in Odysseus' absence were unkind, the people would realize what a good ruler Odysseus had been to them. She hoped they would continue to look for Odysseus. He had the option of staying with Calypso, but his heart remained with Penelope. Odysseus wanted to return to the woman he loved, and see his home land again. He knew he should return and rule Ithaka. Ino saw Odysseus struggling to survive in the water as Poseidon tried to drown him, and gave him her shawl, telling him to swim to shore. Perhaps she helped him because she knew Ithaka needed him, or felt bad that the god of the sea hated him. Athena helps motivate Telemachus to set sail to find his father, and helps convince other people Odysseus is still alive. She tells Zeus that Calypso must let him go back home. Athena might care for Odysseus in a mentor type of way, wanting to help him get home. Perhaps she realizes his value to the people of Ithaka. After being convinced by Athena to let Odysseus leave Calypso, Zeus sends Hermes, messenger of the gods, to tell Calypso. He goes and informs her she must let Odysseus go home on a raft. Shelby, Janae, and Tim
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