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A prezi on Hydrogen and Hydro Energy. (Complete)

Deya Novikova

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Hydrogen

By Deya N. 7A Hydrogen Hydrogen Advantages Hydrogen disadvantages Hydrogen sources in Alberta A way to separate hydrogen from water is to run electricity through water. There is a hydrogen plant called 'Champion Technologies Ltd' in
Calgary. When hydrogen is burned it does not produce CO2, but instead water vapor thus making it much less polluting than average gas. Since it takes a lot of money to find hydrogen it isn't cheap. The approximate cost for one gallon of hydrogen is from $6 to $8. A hydrogen powered vehicle will last twice as much as a normal gas powered one. In china a company called 'Sciverse' that has figured out how to use solar power to create hydrogen. Hydrogen occurs in nature, and is the most abundant mineral in the universe.
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