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Emily Kabitzke

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Judaism

Background Info
Judaism, founded by Abraham
oldest monotheistic religion
Israel, Europe, USA
14 million people identify themselves as Jews
3.5 billion follow belief system (Christianity, Islam)
Monotheism- One god
Primary Beliefs
Jewish Denominations
Life and Death
Rosh Hashanah
Jewish New Year that celebrates the creation of the world
Judgement Day
Records in Book of Life
In the Synagogue
Special service to emphasize God's Kingship
Blowing the Shofar
In the home
Special meals to emphasize sweetness = "sweet" New Year
Apples dipped in honey
Sweet carrot stew
Hallah served as round loaf (Circle of life and year)
Pomegranate on table (613 seeds)
Amanda Hunt, Alex Kahn, & Emily Kabitzke
In hebrew texts--Yahweh, Jehova, or Adonai
A way of life that states what one must do to follow God's Commandments
God created the Universe and He alone deserves worship
Discuss meaning of life
It is not necessary to believe in all Jewish beliefs in order to consider yourself Jewish
Sacred Texts
5 Books
Creation of world
Ten Commandments
Most important book in synagogue

Collection of writings that interpret, explain, and apply Torah
Focuses on what one must do to follow the Ten Commandments, not what to believe
Spring holiday commemorating the liberation of Hebrews from slavery in Egypt

Main food eaten = Matzah
represents the time the Hebrews were unable to eat leaven bread while escaping

No servile work

Counting Omer
each night, jews recite a prayer and count the days of passover ( 50 days)
The fundamental difference between Judaism and Christianity is the belief in the Messiah. The Jews believing that the Messiah is still yet to come.
Some in our area
Temple Menorah
Beth Israel
Rabbi- their priest
Places of Worship
Orthodox Judaism
Reform Judaism
Conservative Judaism
Hasidic (Chasidic) Judaism
most traditional expression of modern Judaism.
believe the entire Torah -(including "Written," the the Pentateuch, and "Oral," the Talmud) was given to Moses by God at Sinai and remains authoritative for modern life in its entirety.
most liberal expression of Judaism
42% of Jews regard themselves as Reform
conserves traditional elements of Judaism, while allowing for modernization to a less radical extent than Reform
Said to be in between Reform and Orthodox Judaism
a mystical movement emphasizing asceticism and experience born out of love and humility before God
mystical form of Judaism
least popular
A Jewish festival, lasting eight days. (Wednesday, November 27th -Thursday, December 5th)
Commemorates the re dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC
Marked by the lighting of eight candle
With each night, you get a present (some follow this)


The middle candle is the "helper candle" - Shamish

Typical Hanukkah items:
Potato pancakes (latkes)
Typical Clothing
Come up and get a Yarmulke!!
Naming your child after someone that has passed
First Initial
Alex and Austin
Great Grandpa Abraham
Sydney, Shannah and Sarah
Grandpa Sidney
Life is above all
Ten Commandments
How to Play:
1. Get in groups of 3 or 4.
2. Take 10 game pieces.
3. Begin every round by putting one game piece in the center. Each player also adds a piece every time the center is emptied.
4. On your turn, spin the dreidel. Depending on what side the dreidel lands on you will either give or get game pieces.
5. Once you are out of game pieces you are "out."
6. When one person has won all of the pieces, the game is over!
Let's play some Dreidel!
Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah

Boys 13/Girls 12
Become obligated to observe the commandments they will have as adults
Gain right to things like take part in leading religious services and marriage
During service, celebrant is required to recite a blessing from the Torah
Ceremony is not required by the Talmud, but has become popular in modern times
Orthodox and Chasidic women are no allowed to participate in these ceremonies
When younger, first major sacrament is circumcision
Bar Mitzfah / Bat Mitzfah
First sacrament is circumcision
Long skirt
The Talmud says that all people descend from a single person, so taking a life would mean killing the whole world.
Sometimes requires the violation of commandments to save a life.
Person who is ill is not permitted to fast on Yom Kippur
Euthanasia and suicides are forbidden
Not a tragedy, all part of G-d's plan.
Firm belief in the afterlife (those who lived a worthy life will be rewarded)
Mourning - extensive
After the person dies, they close the eyes, and the body is laid on the floor, covered and candles are lit next to it. Body is never left alone
Discourage autopsies
No cremations, must be buried.
No open caskets
Tears clothing (heart - parent, right side of chest - other)
Neighbor makes the first meal for mourner, after burial
Sitting shiva( seven, seven days)
In deceased's home
mirrors are covered
Shloshim(thirty days- don't shave, or listen to music. No parties)
Avelut(parents only, 12 months after burial.)
Star of David
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