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Askia the Great

Emperor of the songhai Empire

Iman Abdel

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of Askia the Great

Muhammad Toure ( Askia the great) born ca.1442, died
1538 Askia the great was the emperor
of the Songhai Empire in the late 15th century He made his country
the largest country in
west Africa's culture the map shows the places where he traveled to trade. Askia's tomb in Gao www.blackpast.org negroartist.com Five important facts askia became the leader of the songhai empire when sunni ali, who was the leader before him, died. sunni's son wasn't muslom, so he couldn't be the leader. he extended the conquests of Sunni Ali, promoted comerce and increased the political influence of islam in his state he went blind in his old age, and then was overthrown by his son, ASkia Musa, in 1528 his plans resulted in a rapid expansion of trade with europe and Asia, this created many schools and made islam an integral part of the empire Gao is where ASkia the great lived he he traded with Europe and Asia moblog.whmsoft.net medievalhistory.wikispaces.com ibrahimadrame.com we are connected to the past through Askia the great because he was a leader that wanted his country to be working good economically and have alot of culture and knowledge, just like most of the world's presidents know a days. Works Cited
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