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Career Presentation

No description

Jason Steele

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Career Presentation

A Career Nowhere Near Ordinary Welcome to the OCC Career Presentation. Why are you here?
Why are we here?
Why the RCMP?
Why the OCC?
What benefits will you receive?
What challenges will you face?
What steps are required?
What's next? Why join the RCMP? Pension Health Benefits Help People Make a Difference Save Lives Change the World High Pay No Experience Required Good People Fast Pace A Career Nowhere Near Ordinary Top Secret Security Clearance Fun You never know what will happen Career growth opportunities Educational opportunities Teamwork Compassion Trust Respect Accountability Professionalism Honesty Integrity Empowering Connections Catch Badguys Help those who cannot help themselves The OCC is all that, and a side of... Strange stories High pay Powerful training Local Opportunities Opportunities abroad Low danger Fast Pace Team Environment Access to information Multitasking Benefits . . . Yeah... we have a lot! Pay starting at over $24/hr
Schedule which allows for long periods off
Night Owls thrive
Excellent Medical & Dental plans for members and family
What Challenges will you face? Fast Pace
Constant Changes
Shiftwork Schedule Conflicts
Strict Rules
Difficult Calls
Difficult Decisions
Long Application Process How do I get in? Career Presentation
40 WPM typing
Application Form
Telecomm Operator Aptitude Test
Structured Interview Board
Security Interview
Medical Clearance
Information/Pretraining Package
Telecomm Operator Training
Temporary Civilian Employee
Civilian Member The Next TOAT is February 26. Your Career Has Just Taken A Turn To The Non-Ordinary...
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