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Reebok 20k Hockey Skates

No description

Mattea Becker

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Reebok 20k Hockey Skates

Reebok 20k Hockey Skates
Who is the target marketing group?
hockey players (athletes)
generalized more toward the male gender, but doesn't disclude women
the company makes hockey skates all sizes to target all age groups
Reebok Hockey Skates
Reebok 20k Hockey Skates
Reebok Hockey Skates
Features & Materials
Reebok 20k Hockey Skate & Sidney Crossby
Where is the product produced?
Canada & USA
Major Competitors:
How is the product made?
(generalized version)
cut strong black pieces of leather
sew them together
aline & glue the leather perfectly
punch holes for the laces using a leather punch
make sole
attach the leather frame to the soles
press & shape the skate
drill holes for the skate balde
screw blade into place
ready to be sold :)
New dynamic support system to help maximize power transfer
Flexible tendon guard that improves agility
Weighs a total of 843grams
Uses 'The Pump' {pumps air into the heal of the skate for better performance}
Selling Cost:
prices range from $70.00 to $800.00
How are hockey skates packaged?
Hockey skates are packaged fairly simply, in a big box. Inside the box the skates are placed opposite of each other for a better fit, with tissue paper usually in the toe of the skate.
The companies Bauer and Nike both make hockey skates and are a huge competitor towards Reebok's hockey skates.
This advertisement is a testimonial ad because it features a celebrity hockey player such as Sidney Crosby.
Big Question:
How has the commodity made an impact (socially, economically, or environmentally)?

Socially - People get together at hockey games.

Economically - If all of a sudden they stopped making Reebok hockey skates many people wold be out of a job whether they contributed to the task of making it or if they sold the product in their store. For consumers it wouldn't be a great loss because there are many other companies.

Environmentally - Eventually hockey skates end up in the garbage, but it does not have a huge impact on the environment.
Bauer is the number one hockey skate brand in Canada with Reebok coming up second and Nike third.
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