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The War of the Worlds

Jazmyn Keane and Vanessa Hernandez, Advanced English IV, 3rd Period, Mr.Crockett

Vanessa Hernandez

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds
By: H.G. Wells
Book 1: The Coming of the Martians
Book 2: The Earth Under the Martian's Control
Herbert George Wells was born in 1886 and died in 1946 at the age of 79
He is referred to as the "Father of Science Fiction"
Wells married his cousin, but they separated after three years. A year later, he married one of his students
He studied biology, physics, and zoology and became a teacher, philosopher, and writer
Wells also wrote about non-fiction subjects such as science, politics, and history
He wrote "The War of the Worlds" between 1895-1897, which is about Martians invading and destroying Earth
Major Characters:
The narrator- He is the unnamed protagonist and works as a philosopher. He survives the invasion and destruction of Earth with determination and good judgement.
Martians- Intellectual and technologically advanced beings from
Mars. They feed by injecting blood from living organisms. Mars
has run out of resources, so they observed and invaded Earth in
order to survive.
The curate- A religious man who follows the narrator around. He
represents religion and is not shown in a positive light.
The artilleryman- An army man that displays a wide knowledge of
survival skills.

Minor Characters:
Ogivly- An astronomer that is interested in the Mars. He is one of the first to be incinerated by the Martians.
The narrator's brother- A medical student that flees London.
The narrator's wife- Provides direction and motivation for the narrator to survive and return home.
Natural selection and human evolution are clearly depicted throughout the novel. Humans are competing against each other, and the "fittest" members survive. The Martians are also competing against humans for land. The overpraise of evolutionary intelligence is seen as dangerous.

The Martians were defeated through a logical and scientific explanation, instead of the interference of a divine ruler. The curate's death represents outdated religion and a more secular and science-based society.

European Imperialism
The Martians are an imperial force that try to overtake Earth, just like how the British Empire conquered land throughout Africa, South America, and the Middle East. The Martians and the British both had superior technology compared to the technology of the people they were trying to conquer.
The narrator and the curate take refuge in an abandoned house.
A cylinder lands on half of the house and they are trapped there for 15 days. They cannot leave because the Martians have a camp right outside.
They observe them through a hole in the wall and discover how gruesome and inhuman they are.
The curate becomes greedy and eats all of the rationed food. He begins to talk really loud and the narrator hits him in the head with a meat chopper. The Martians hear, take the curate, and feed on him. The narrator is able to hide for a couple of more days.
The Martians leave and the narrator comes out of hiding. He discovers an abundance of red weed.
He meets up with the artilleryman again and he tells the narrator about natural selection and his plans of rebuilding civilization underground. The narrator realizes that he is delusional and leaves him behind and continues towards the ruined city of London.
Eventually, he discovers that the Martians are dead, due to bacterial diseases that humans are immune to.
He travels back to his home and is finally reunited with his wife. People begin to recover and life begins to take on its normal appearance.
The narrator reflects on the events and fears that the Martians will return.

Explosions are observed on the surface of Mars and "falling stars" crash into the English countryside, which turn out to be the cylinders that the Martians traveled in.
The Martians come out of the cylinders and begin to travel on land by using tripods. They incinerate everything with a heat ray and release a thick and deadly black smoke.
The narrator borrows a cart and a horse from a neighbor and flees to Leatherhead with his wife. He leaves her there and goes back home because he says he needs to return the cart back, but in reality he is just curious.
He meets the artilleryman, but they are separated during a Martian attack.
Then, the narrator meets the curate, who is unable to grasp onto what is going on. He mindlessly follows the narrator and they do not get along well. On several occasions, the narrator tries to leave the curate behind.
More cylinders land throughout England.
The brother, who is living in London, flees and heroically saves two women.
Red Martian weeds begin to grow and spread throughout England
"War of the Worlds" 2005 Film
"The War of the Worlds" 1953 Film
A radio drama was adapted from Wells' novel as part of a Halloween episode and it aired live on October 30, 1938. The listeners believed that Martians were really invading Earth and began to panic.
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