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Order of the Solar Temple.

No description

Phillip woodward

on 17 April 2012

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Transcript of Order of the Solar Temple.

What Describes
a True Monster? A monster is defined as a mythical creature that is typically scary, large in size, and lives off evil. Introduction. (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr The Order of the
Solar Temple Met Each other in Switzerland
Both joined the cult Templar of Renewed Order
After both getting kicked out of the cult formed the background of Order of the Solar Temple
Started a Sect in Quebec. LUC JOURET Joseph Di Mambro Attended Brussels University. Went on a ten-year leave. Imprisoned for impersonation of a psychologist. After having problems with the law regarding finances moved to the Switzerland. A motto of " money, sex, and joy" Foundations of the cult. Worked in the medical field. Was born a French Canadian Crucial Events. Luc Jouret's ability to humble the common man. Doomsday gibberish. The attraction of wealth power and manipulation. 1986-1990 1990-1993 1994 1995/1998 One couple was even Police had started investigating, then charged the Solar Temple on suspicion of stockpiling weapons. •The cult was stationed in Quebec First Attack The Solar Temple T Members were donating vast amounts of money throughout the years and receiving little to none in return. Recorded donating $300,000 This caused Jouret to move back to Switzerland Second Attack Quebec provincial police reported the murder/death of five people three family members including a baby, and two other men. A Swiss farmhouse and three chalets were burned to the ground in Switzerland for a mass murder/suicide 12 hours later in which 53 people died amongst the deceased the bodies of both Luc Jauret and Josepeh Di Mambro were found. h i r
d A t t a c k Members were found dead in France in 1995. Fourth Attack Five others were found dead in Canada in March 1998. Tip Capacity of Evil Where did it go so wrong? Lack of Restraint Isolation from society
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