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The gun by Paul Langan

No description

Callie Frankston

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of The gun by Paul Langan

The Gun by: Paul Langan
Memory Moment
In chapter 3 Tyray keeps flashing back to how it felt to have everyone be fearful of him, apposed to his classmates making fun of him for getting beat up. For example in the hallway people usually walk away from him, now they stand there and laugh at him. quote: Tyray was walking up to school and remembered all the times people tried to stay on his good side. "They treated him as if he was someone important, they showed him respect, but darrell mercer changed all that.
Words of the wiser
Tyray was at his usual burger joint and he runs into his brothers old friend, Bones. Tyray asks him if he could buy a gun from him, but bones tells him that he will regret killing somebody and that there face will be in his mind for the rest of his life,forever. "If you take that dude out ,his face is gonna be with you until the day you die." "you'll know it better then you know your mommas face." page 102, chapter 9.
When Tyray was really little, a little puppy showed up at his front step. When his father saw it, he made Tyray put it back out on the streets. A few days later Tyray found the puppy dead in the alley way and it really upset Tyray. This is a contradiction because Tyray is ready to kill someone but he felt bad about the puppy dying, and he still thinks about it to this day. "My Dad told me to get rid of the dog because he is not our responsibility, but i wanted to keep him."
Words of the Wiser
Tyay's teacher Mr. Mitchell gives wise words to Tyray. He asked Tyray to step out of the classroom. He tells him "oh sure you've been staying out of trouble ,and that's great, but you're torn up on the inside." I know how the guys have been riding you, but look you can get through this and come out the other side a stronger, better kid. You can make a fresh start." page 55. Mr. Mitchell has been in the situation of being bullied by other kids and is telling Tyray that he can get through the humiliation. But in the back of Tyray's mind the only thing on his mind is getting revenge on Darrell.
Again and Again
In chapter one, on page one the book states "the pain and cast were constant reminders of the humiliation he suffered four days ago." Tyray, the main character keeps getting reminded that he is no longer the bully at bluford highschool, ever since Darrell Mercer beat him up.

Tough question
Tyrays brothers friend, bones told him that the gun is 50 dollars but Tyray doesn't have the money for it. He asks himself if he should ask Lark the girl he is using just so he has a friend to sit with at lunch if he could borrow money from her. Tyray lies to her and tells her that he owes his mom a present. "I'm broke, my mom's birthday is comin' up, and i wanted to buy her this necklace, but i cant afford it." Lark told him "I've saved money from babysitting, and i could lend it to you for your mom's present. Tyray at the point knew he could get the gun.
A-Ha moment
on page 117, chapter 10, Tyray realized the words from bones was true "he will be the last face you see every night .. the last face you see before you die." He thought twice for a second while his hand with the gun was shaking. He also realized that if he shot Darell his life would be ruined, his Dad would "kill" him and end up like his brother who was sent to jail. "whatever you do, don't end up like me." Warrens voice whispered in Tyray's mind. He realized not to kill Darrell.
A-Ha Moment
Again and Again
Tyray is constantly telling himself that the only answer is to buy a gun. "Everything seemed different somehow. A gun,he thought, as a feeling of excitement and relief spread through his veins. A gun is the answer." Page 28, chapter 2. On page 32 Tyray says "he could not wait a whole week, not with daily humiliations at bluford." On page 41," His mission now had even greater urgency, there was no way things can be right until he gets a gun."

In chapter 10 when Tyray was pointing the gun on Darrell, he turned everything around on himself and decided he was going to kill himself instead of killing Darell. The whole book he was planning to kill Darell but then he contradicted that and tryed to kill himself which was unexpected. "Tyray raised the gun away from Darrell's face. Tears now mixed with rain on Tyray's cheek. He turned the gun towards himself, placing it against the side of his face, his vision clouded with tears."
Tyray realized that once he got home that nothing could of been bad as spending the rest of his life in jail for a stupid situation and that his family is on his side On page 121 chapter 10; He dreaded facing his parents, especially his father. But the road ahead was not as bad as the path behind him, one of guns criminals,and dark alleys." On page 123, "A tear rolled down Tyrays cheek as he looked at the three people watching him. Outside, a police siren wailed,momentarily moving closer and then passing by,racing to some other part of the city. Racing away from Tyrays home."
Memory Moment

Brief Summary
The gun by Paul Langon is about a boy named Tyray who was a bully, and no one ever stood up to him. All of the students at bluford high did everything he said and never caused a problem. Until one day, a boy named Darrell Mercer finally stands up to him and beats him up. Darrell broke Tyray's arm and the school suspended Tyray because they thought Tyray caused the problem. Throughout the book Tyray is finding ways to get money to buy a gun to get revenge on Darrell for making Tyray loose his reputation. In the end Tyray doesnt kill Darrell and realzies he blew it out of proportion.
Tyray flashes back to the reason why he started bullying kids, page 65;"because he was afraid of his Dad who acted like an angry giant. So he took it out on other kids." And ever since then he has acted like that ever since his brother went away and his dad treated him so poorly.
Tough Question
Page 122; "Tyray turned back at Lark. For a second, he considered her idea, but just as quickly, he dismissed it. If he called, Darrell would win, and Tyray would be the loser once again. He could not let that happen. Tyray was contemplating weather or not he should call Darrell and talk it out, but he decided against it.
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