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Thursday, November 3rd.

No description

William Barber

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Thursday, November 3rd.

Thursday, November 3rd.
Calculating Average Speed
V: Voice
P: Analyze this graph below.
Which color line represents the

speed? State the reason why.
Calculating speed, distance and time.
Mini Lesson
- How Long? If you are looking to find out how long a trip is you will be using the formula T= D/S
-How Far? If you are looking to find the distance you will MULTIPLY. D= S x T.

Practice problems.
For work period.

What is considered dependent?
The distance or the speed?
What is the independent variable?
Where do you plot these variables on a graph???
Work Period/Wrap up
When Graphing Distance vs. Speed.
-Work on each problem independently, i will be around the room to help assist.
-If finished early begin to graph.
-This worksheet is handed in with your DO NOW Friday.

Converting minutes to hours!!
Remember you don't use minutes for an SI unit for speed.
divide 20/60 and that's how many hours you get!!
Conversions you need to know
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