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Colors of The Outsiders

No description

Clara Bentler

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Colors of The Outsiders

Another color of The Outsiders is Blond. The color blond represents how Ponyboy changes when he has to dye his hair in hiding. Johnny says " I am to dark skinned to look okay blonde." Page 72
Greenish Gray is also a color of
The Outsiders
. It describes Ponyboys eyes. It is also a symbol because it means he has soft eyes and so he will be a kind or soft person. On page 1 when Ponyboy is describing himself, he says " and I have greenish gray eyes."
Dark Brown is describing Soda's eyes. They show that he is lively, dancing and recklessly laughing. On page 8 Pony is describing Soda and he says, " His eyes are dark brown"
Pale Blue Green is a color of The Outsiders because it is describing Darry's eyes. It is a symbol that Darry is soft yet he has an edge to him. He is humble. Page 6 when Ponyboy is describing Darry he says, "He's got eyes like two pieces of pale blue green ice."
One of the first colors of
The Outsiders
is Gold. On page 148 right before Johnny dies he says " Stay Gold Ponyboy. Stay Gold". When he says stay gold he means that his personality and himself just needs to stay the same and be gold.
Ponyboy and Johnny
The Curtis Boys
The gang
Bright red is the color of Cherry's bright red Corvette. It shows Cherry's power and wealth but it also shows that Cherry is overall described as red. On page 127 Pony was looking at her Car and says, " That sting ray was one tuff car. A bright red one."
Blue is describing the Soc's Madras shirts. It is showing that they have nice expensive clothes so they must be wealthy and It also shows that they care about their appearance. Page 5 " He had on a Madras Shirt. I can still see it. Blue Madras."
Red is the color of Cherry's red, fiery hair. It is showing that she is maybe feisty to people who aren't nice. On page 22 Cherry says "It's a shame that you can't ride a bull half as good as you can talk it. The Red head said coolly."
Ice Cold Blue is describing Dally's eyes. His eyes are cold mean and you can tell by his eyes that he is not someone you want to mess with. On Page 10 Ponyboy describes Dally and he says " His eyes were blue, blazing ice cold with a hatred of the world."
Colors of
The Outsiders
S.E. Hinton
Clara Bentler
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