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AP Style &

No description

Kerry Tuttle

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of AP Style &

AP Style &
News Writing

Briagenn, Kerry & Dan
Haylee Pearl
with special guest

"They" and "Their"
Error: Use as gender-neutral, singular pronouns
This person has updated their profile.
This person's profile has been updated.
Error: Treating singular collective nouns as plurals
Group, team, faculty, club, agency should be
replaced with "it" or "its," not "they" or "their"
"This" vs. "That"
1st reference = this/these
2nd reference = that/those
My favorite organization on campus is PRSSA. This organization meets every Monday from 6-7 p.m.
My favorite organization on campus is PRSSA. That organization meets every Monday from 6-7 p.m.
Hyphens vs. Dashes
Do not use hyphens in place of dashes
Hyphens connect words
Dashes separate words
"While" vs. "Although"
While = at the same time
Although = despite
While I was at the weekly PRSSA meeting,
I was tweeting on my phone.
Although it feels like summer, I still have to study for my finals.
"Since" vs. "Because"
Since = in the time since
Because = as a result
Since she's been at college, she has not gone to the gym.
Because you didn't get to class on time, you did not get to sign the attendance sheet.
"Over/under" vs.
"more than/less than"
Over/under shows direction
More than/less than indicated quantity
under Scripps Hall
more than six classes
AP Style

Spell out zero through nine
Use figures for 10 through 999,999
Use a combination of both for 1 million +
Always use figures for ages, street addresses, dimensions and measurements, monetary units, ratios (including scores), etc.
Always spell out numerals that are used colloquially, such as “I only have a quarter of a tank left" or "I have told you a thousand times to stop calling me, Dan."
Collective Nouns
Error: Treating words that denote groups of people as plural
Despite the band practicing every day, they performed terribly on Friday.
Despite the band practicing every day, it performed terribly on Friday.
Despite the band members practicing every day, they performed terribly on Friday.
Academic Degrees
Use an apostrophe
Do not use an apostrophe
master's degree, bachelor's degree
associate degree, doctorate degree
Proper names
Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science

Only capitalize the first word and proper nouns
PRSSA hustles and bustles in September
Spell out the word "percent" and use figures for numbers when referring to percentages
Two percent
2 percent
15 percent
Only capitalize formal titles if they are used before the person’s name.
Nicole Spears, president of Scripps PRSSA
Scripps PRSSA President Nicole Spears
Time element
Error: Using the full date, using relative time elements (“tomorrow,” “yesterday,” “next week,” etc.) and using time elements inappropriate to publishing date.
Time elements change depending on when the information is to be published (NOT when it is being written).
Use only the day of the week when it is within seven days of publication: “The first class met Monday. The first assignment is due Friday.”
Time element
If the event took place, or is expected to take place, more than a week
beyond publication, use only the month and date (no day of the week and no year)
Fall break is scheduled to start Nov. 23. The last day of final exams will be Dec. 14.
Only add a year if the event took place more than a year in the past, or if referring to whole years.
She was born Feb. 23, 1952. She plans to retire in 2013.
Copy Editor at The Post
Your turn!
Use your handouts
for reference
Haylee Pearl
News Ledes
A man convicted of assault last week was found dead in his apartment Tuesday in Parkersburg, W. Va.
A 29-year-old Athens man was transported to Columbus on Tuesday after being shot in the head, authorities said, though details are not all clear.
Feature Lede
The quality of the drug might not stack up to the blue product made by Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg, but in recent years Ohio has seen an increase in methamphetamine lab busts as state and local law enforcement officials pledge to take action against them.
Feature Lede
followed by a nut graf
You might find it uncommon to walk out of your grandparents’ house and hear the latest Nicki Minaj song blaring outside.
If your grandparents are like Lois and Bob Whealey, of 14 Oak St., or Francine Childs, of 25 Elliott St., such tunes are no surprise. Those three are some of the last remaining permanent residents living in homes off Mill Street, where most of Athens’ famed fests occur.
Do's &
Headline Do's
Contains a subject & verb
Make them accurate
Make them concise
Make them interesting
Include as much info as possible
Headline Don'ts
Make them boring, obvious or vague
Steal from the lede
Be passive
Include unnecessary words
such as "the" or "and
Headline Examples
Tuition strategy discussed by provost
Provost proposes new tuition system
Where: The Ridges Building 139
Who: Henry Allan Laudermilk, a retired Union general who was housed at the Athens Insane Asylum after the Civil War and whose ghost now haunts the grounds.
When: The anniversary of his death, Oct. 1, 1873.
What: Ohio University students are planning a twilight vigil to honor Laudermilk’s memory and conjure his spirit in a seance.
Write a lede & headline using info
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