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Miranda Butterfield

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of 2.03: THE CRUSADES

Miranda Butterfield
World History
Mr. DiMillo
February 13, 2014
•5 posts – 1 per figure
•2 Maps
•3-5 Sentences Per Post

Pope Urban II
Peter the Hermit
William of Tyre
Richard the Lionheart
Men Involved:

All of the maps were found within the Florida Virtual World History lessons. They were edited for better viewing.
Pope Urban II -Emperor Alexius I Comnenus has come to ask me for help. He asks that I defend the Byzantine Empire and take over the Holy Land once again. I will communicate with the lords of Europe and request for them to combine their forces so we can all reclaim the Holy Land together from its Muslim conquerors.
Peter the Hermit -I have been informed of the retaking the Holy Land. I've been drafting anybody willing to assist us in this history in the making. Right now the army and I have made it into the land of Constantinople. I will be staying in Constantinople while our dedicated armed force carries on towards Anatolia.
William of Tyre
This is the first time I have been able to witness history in the making. I am filled with excitement to be involved with the Christians Crusade. The Christians are waging war on the Muslims of the Middle East to win back the holy land, also known as Jerusalem. This crusade will taught and learned about for hundreds of years to come.
Richard the Lionheart -Saladin and I have reached an agreement. Saladin, will still control Jerusalem but, will let Christians visit the city and shrines whenever they please. I will control the lands North of the city Jaffa.
I have heard more than once that the Romans are comming with a Christian Crusade. I am not worried because, they send untrained peasants. We will easily eliminate the Christians and keep hold of our Holy Land.
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