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TAsk 2: you've got a friend

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Juvylyn Aromin

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of TAsk 2: you've got a friend

Remember the time when you were weak and low. Fill out the balloons with your experiences in life that have to do with your responses in Task 1.
In my 15 years of existence in this world, I experienced a lot of lost, late and troubles. There are also times that even if I did my best, it wasn't enough. Just like when the breadwinner of our family died. After he died, we're lost, we're troubled, we don't know what to do, and the bad things happened again and again. But then, I'm still alive and I know in myself that I succeeded. Because I believe that life is a race, if you run, you'll get trampled.
It was in Grade 6 since I stopped playing and training Taekwondo. But, It was only last school year when I realized that I really missed playing it.

So, when my schoolmates and classmates listed my name on the list of students who wanted to play Taekwondo for High School, at first I was disappointed by the fact that they didn't consulted me, but then I thought of the fact that I want to play again. So when I told my aunt that i will be playing again, she said that I shouldn't agreed because I would only get hurt and lose the game. But, during the Provincial Meet, I won my 2 games and I eagerly informed my aunt about it so, she was shocked and congratulated me at the end.
When my Tito sent us the package, all of my cousins their shares and gifts like new gadgets and many more. What hurt me the most is that I got none. But then, I accepted the fact that maybe mine was late.
I am part of the Cream of the Crop since I started schooling. I ranked 1st since I started except for Grade 1 I only ranked 2nd, in Grade 8 cause I only ranked 5th and in Grade 9, wherein I ranked 3rd. But, every after the announcement of the honor role, my mom always say “How come you get a grade as low as this?” That one, hurt me a lot, especially when I’m in Grade 6, I was announced as the Valedictorian of our batch, but then, when my mom saw my grades, she said “You’re the Valedictorian, but you have grades as low as this?” As for me, I thought that me being our Class Valedictorian I will make my mom proud, but, maybe it’s the opposite. So, everytime after the computation of grades and ranks, I was so hesitant to tell my mom, because I always remember what she used to tell, and I am afraid to be scolded again.
TAsk 2
-Made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth)
-Doing something or taking place after the expected, proper, or usual time
-(of a person) very confused or insecure or in great difficulties.
Many people experience a lot of problems. Just like me, when I was in Grade 8 I suffered dengue. When I was in the hospital I felt like I am dying because my head was so painful and my aunt didn't tell me that I am in Stage 3 dengue. And they need to look for plasma.

They found 4 bags of plasma and the doctor said that it isn't enough. So, they look for another 4 bags. After a day when I was in recovery from transfusion my doctor allowed me to go home.
-beset by problems or conflict.
-said to indicate that the same events, typically undesirable ones, are recurring.
When my family left me alone in our house. I thought they will come back but they didn't. Its been 4 days bu then they didn't come back. They left me without food or anything. I felt like I'm forgotten. But still, I survived.
1. What can you say about the activity ?
-unremembered, out of mind
2. How did you feel when you recalled all those experiences?
3. What did you feel while sharing your experiences with the class? Why?
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