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F.U.N Community Center.

No description

Marcus Owens

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of F.U.N Community Center.

The rock and rollers room!
Baby Boot Camp!
Relay racers
The Head starters
Mission Statement:
F. U.N Kids mission is to help develop the unban community by providing a place that gives disadvantaged children the opportunity to receive physical and cognitive development for youth that come from low-income families.
The Explorer's
F.U.N Community Center.
What is F.U.N:
: F.U.N Kids acronym is For Urban Neighborhood Kids, I feel the desire formulate after school programs to keep young children in low-income families away from high risk activities by providing an safe fun educational environment. The program embraces diversity by introducing different cultures, arts and craft, academic activities, and physical for children between the ages 1 and 18.
Baby workout! Parents will guide their infants in simple exercises.
• Bicycling their legs, bending them back and forth, swinging their arms brings benefits to the child with their gross motor development.
• This activity helps the child when they get old enough to independently coordinate their head, shoulders, knees and toes. The infant gains Physical and social-emotional development from their parents by interaction from the parents.
• Living In this fast pace economy where parents often have to work two or three jobs spending less and less time with their children this activity will help the parent
Crawl to the ball! The infants will crawl to the ball and then be encourage or guided to push the ball further away, or chasing the ball.
• Baby’s need to crawl to gain balance in their hand and legs by chasing the ball the infant will learning how to crawl forward and get around the room to help build up the infants gross motor muscles so they can get ready to walk.
• This activity will help the child learn to move around the room and builds up the child muscles so the infant physically.
• More and more infant are becoming mobile later in their development due to lack of exercise. This activity gives the infant the opportunity to get around the room and explore their world

Today for gross motor the children will be playing kick ball on the grass and have a chance to explore outside.
• According to N.E.A.Y.C “big body play—a play style that gives children the opportunities they need for optimum development across all domains from physical to cognitive and language to social and emotional” (Carlson, 2011).”
• This activity enhances gross motor and socio-emotional by developing their leg muscles, plus the children will have to take turns and motivate each other.
• Health and well-being: This Activity will promote good health and exercise by having the children running after the ball.

the children will be engaged in activities that will help develop both language and math skills by identifying colors by sorting from color paper that they will tear up.
• According to CDC.gov by the age of 2 a toddler should begin identifying, sort colors and shapes.
• This activity will help children develop cognitive and math skill by them sorting the colors, they will also be working their fine motor skills by tearing the paper which will prepare them to hold pencil and crayon so they can begin to scribble or draw.
• This is a great educational activity because it helps develop fine motor skill, socialization skills by working in a group, and cognitive skills by developing language for math.

Today the children will make patterns with the color block using three colors red, blue and yellow.
• Making patterns allows the child to count, repeat, and understand the order of operation.
• This activity is the building block for children to get begin enhancing their concepts of math.
• Many of our children are falling behind in math. This activity will supply the fundamental steps to understand math concepts when the child get older and have to deal with more complex math.

Read a story about healthy foods about Regie Rainbow
• According to the National Kidney foundation Regie Rainbow reinforce literacy, language development, mathematics skills, scientific understanding, creative arts, social-emotional development, approaches to learning, and physical health & development through the series of seven interactive books, The Adventures of Regie Rainbow
• Each book explorer’s healthy foods by the color and how our body benefits from them with a little exercise.
• The program allows for children to learn and taste healthy foods that they may not have been exposed to in their house hold.

The X room
Conclusion: F.U.N kids is a place where families can come and grow together by providing a safe fun learning environment filled with educational and physical activities. Many after school programs offer activities that focus on physical activities and just tutor the children with their homework. Our program has professional advisors that help us bridge the gap between not just physical development but educational development as well. Many Low-income children are losing their life, freedom and self-esteem due to their environment. I thank you city council for considering my proposal this recreation center will develop the neighborhood socially, physically and cognitively.
Thank you City Council
1. Measure liquid! Children will measure liquid to determine how much it is using the different units to find the amount in KL, Ml, L and so on.
• This is a core standard that has for third graders to know according to Core standards and this will prepare the children to understand math and science concepts.
• The activity will enhance the children Math and Science skill, Plus the will develop social skill by problem solving and gaining estimates of the different units of measurement.
• In Michigan predictions are made by how student do on an assessment tool called the MEAP test. It is said that every child that does not score well on the test ends up in jail.

2. Report what you see! Children will use a picture or photograph of people in different situations and determine what happened.
• This is way for the children to integrate knowledge and ideas from using information from the picture to determine the when, where, why, and how the event could have occurred.
• This activity will enhance literacy skills by demonstrating and find the vocabulary to describe what they see on the pictures. Plus they can express how it makes them feel emotionally.
• To many children get caught up in risky behavior or be with someone involved in risky behavior so showing the children different situations the can come across and how it could have a impact on the life is a health and well-being issue that needs to be address to prevent the cycle from continuing.

1. The children will experiment with electricity and explain the purpose, procedures and conclusion of the experiment.
• According to Common Core standards by the time a child reaches the 11th and 12th grades they should be able to describe a procedure and identify important issues that remain unsolved.
• This activity will develop the children cognitively and socially by allowing the children to problem solve and come up with possible solutions.
• In America by the time the reach the college level Science is one of the areas America is falling behind in due to lack of standards being implemented in school so will try to assist parent and the education system by providing educational activities.

2.The next activity will be swimming free play.
• “According to the American Heart Association, gym classes can help teach children skills that can help them be active their whole lives.” (Livestrong.com)
• The physical workout helps the mind so children can think more clearly and focus on their work.
• Due the growing number of child obesity 30 to 45 minutes of exercise and boost up metabolism and decrease the chances of child obesity.



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