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History of rock and roll and how it changed the world

Lukian Adams' IRT

Lukian Adams

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of History of rock and roll and how it changed the world

How did rock and roll change the world? Information Report Social affects of rock and roll Evolution Book review Beginnings New Orleans Jazz Blues Elvis Presley Bill Haley Gospel Folk Country Fashion Attitude Language Rebellion 60's 50's Rockabilly Very new Shunned Quite neat Pop rock Blues rock Not quite as neat Acid rock (50's fashion) (60's fashion) (80's fashion) (70's fashion) 70's Heavy metal Hard rock Punk rock Rougher Harder 80's Glam rock Even harder
and rougher Punk fashion The Beatles The Rolling Stones Drum beat Guitar riff Rockabilly Blues rock Pop rock Pop rock Acid rock Hard rock Heavy metal Punk rock Arena rock Genres Black civil rights Book Review Mason Jack Punk rock Narrative Jack's decision Guitar The Apes Rock and roll Reluctant father Journal entries Fine Arts Questions?
(About rock and roll!!!!!!) THE END!!!! :D Bibliography What I learned. Jimmy Page Eric Clapton Angus Young Jimi Hendrix Random Cat Slash Down sides Drugs Alcohol Violence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_and_roll
http://j.whyville.net/smmk/whytimes/article?id=6812 Internet sites Rock. An illustrated history of artists and sounds. By M. Heatley.

Rock through history. By B. Howitt.

Information is beautiful. By David McCandless. Books People Tubby Wadsworth: Interviewed on the 7th of August.
A professional rock drummer, who has played with such bands as
Pearl, Zildjian and Alice Cooper. Currently a session drummer, teacher
and rock historian. Warwick Adams: Recurring interviews 1st July to 20th August.
An aging rocker who was an eyewitness to the 1960’s. 24/7/12
For me this is only my first week because I have been away on holidays. I have been trying very hard to catch up, but it has been challenging. I still have jet lag and am adjusting to going to school every day and doing homework in the evenings. The first thing I am going to study is the beginnings of rock and roll, how it started and who contributed to it. Then how it has evolved over the years, the different styles over different era's and important artists. Lastly I will tackle the social effects. 31/8/12
I came back from G and T camp in time for lunch (at school). Things are very different back at school compared to camp. at camp we had a lot more freedom and we never stopped because someone did something stupid. I now need to catch up on my IRT. Young people trying to have a say Young people starting to have a say Anarchic punks fighting against government Who can identify these bands????????????
(Drum roll...) If you get it right you win an electric guitar! :D (just kidding)
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