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The British Royal Perfumes

No description

Ioana Ordean

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of The British Royal Perfumes

The British Royal Perfumes
Queen Elizabeth the Ist
Queen Elizabeth used the strongest perfumes and in very big quantities in order to cover up the horrible odors.
Elizabeth the Ist eau de toilette
Queen Victoria
In 1885 Her Majesty granted Creed with the Royal Warrant and the letter that the queen sent to Henry Creed can be seen today in London at the perfumery’s Conduit street store.
Golden Jubilee bottle perfume
Fleurs de Bulgarie by Creed
Queen Elizabeth II
The favorite perfume of Queen Elizabeth II is
White Rose
created by the British House Perfume,
which has nowadays the Royal Warrant.
All three perfumes talk of Elizabeth as soft and delicate, rather than the staunch character often perceived.
This perfume was created in honour of Her Hines’ Diamond Jubilee by Floris the Royal House Perfumery.
Royal Arms by Floris
A gift for Her Diamond Jubilee given by the Royal Society of Chemists. The perfume has a special name ´Adamas´ which means diamond in Greek.
Princess Diana
The Princess of Wales had 3 favourite perfumes that represent 3 stages of her life.
Diorissimo by Christian Dior
24 Faubourg by Hermes
Quelques Fleurs
Isis by William Owen
Diana had a perfume created just for herself, called Isis as the goddess from the Ancient Egypt.
Royal Wate by Creed
Only after her death, Creed, Queen Victoria’s favourite house perfumery, created in the Princess’ memory a special perfume called Royal Water
As every royal member, the Floris Perfumery House did not exclude the newest family member.
Duchess Catherine
Wedding Bouquet by Floris
They used :
in order to signify the love that will be eternal,
Lily of the Valley
that speaks on behalf of the partner 'you have made my life complete',
Orange Blossom
which has the power to convey innocence and marriage
to express the happiness that exists in marriage
Price: 75ml-150£ (1027 RON)
Price: 100ml-80£ (517 RON)
Price: 60ml-19.500£ (104.620RON)
Price: 10ml-15.000£ (85.352 RON)
Price: 50ml-300$ (1282 RON)
Price: 50ml-100£ (521 RON)
Marketing strategies

The role of advertising and the influence of the new generation
How the Royal Perfume House promotes its perfumes
• Websit : www.florislondon.com
• Newsletters
• Online images
• Royal Members

• Analysing and understanding the customer’s needs
• Target markets
• Competition
New generation=Personality
Price adaptation
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