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Arduino Solar Tracker

No description

Mohammad Smadi

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Arduino Solar Tracker

Arduino Solar Tracker
Why this Project ?
Renewable energy is the main concern nowadays.

To build a system that could efficiently use the sunlight especially in narrow spaces.

Not a Sumo-robot 

Types of Solar Tracker.
Single Axis Tracking Systems
Components used
Schematic Diagram of the Circuit
Why tracking?

-Solar trackers generate more electricity than their stationary counterparts due to an increased direct exposure to solar rays.

-Solar trackers generate more electricity in roughly the same amount of space needed for fixed tilt systems, making them ideal optimizing land usage.

Arduino (uno)

Dual Axis Tracking Systems

Servo motor
How does it work ?

-Position control.

-Proportional control .

-Why not stepper-motor?

Principle of Working
Tracking using actuators or using Sun equation.
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