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Cosmo Sutra Cookbook

Your Go-To Guide for Any Occasion

vince rodriguez

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Cosmo Sutra Cookbook

Tommy Barros
Lauren Folkman
Hayley Emerick
Alison Sampson
Austin Oxener
Vince Rodriguez cosmosutra cookbook Features:
Meal Plans
Calorie Counts
Decoration and Style Ideas
“After Dinner Delight”
More information than a typical cookbook
Gives females confidence in successfully entertaining Geography:
Single Women
Age: 18-34
Independent Lifestyle
Desire to be socially successful
Benefits sought:
Gain hostessing and entertaining knowledge
Gain social standing
Matching of Cookbook Market to Cosmopolitan’s Market Target market audience Media Strategy Media Objectives
Not just a cookbook
Demonstrate prestige
Direct Mail
Cosmopolitan Magazine
CPM: 12.13 (full color page ad)
Pulsing --> Gifts giving Media strategy: frequency *all totals in millions
Sales Promotion Consumer Oriented Sales Promotion
Encourage Initial Trial
Retain current customers
Maintain brand equity
Consumer Sales Promotion Tools
10% coupon: Direct Mail and Magazine Ad
Event Sponsorship
-TBS Dinner and Movie Sales promotion program
Trade Oriented Sales Promotions Objectives:
Obtain distribution for new product
Encourage Retailers to display brand
Trade Sales Promotion Tools
Push Money (Spiffs)
Point-of-Purchase display Why a cookbook?
Already a foot in the market of the recipe book world
The perfect ingredient for a confident woman
Cosmo can turn boring cooking into sexy, fun entertainment Threats and Opportunities Saturated Market
Recipes Easy to Find
Competition Other cookbooks
Food Network Magazine By product user
By product attributes and benefits
Positioning Message strategy IMC Creative Strategy
1) Basic Problem
2) Advertising and Communication Objectives
3) Target Audience
4) Major Selling Idea
5) Creative Strategy Statement
Execution Marketing budget Four general categories of Direct Response, Sales Promotion, Internet, and Print
All have between 5 and 4.5 ROI rating
Brand name &and Symbol Cosmopolitan aka Cosmo
"Brand names communicate attributes and meaning (Belch and Belch)" What and who does our brand name and symbol associate itself with: Women (18-34)
Sex Appeal
Unique and interesting advice and fact
Image of girl - Fun, fearless, female theme
Your go-to guide for any occasion - description/slogan
Mainting Cosmo Brand equity through our Headline/Font/Colors = Low Risk
Selling success will stem from already strong Brand Awareness and Equity

Sales promotion media are critical for new products
Print media and direct mail are highly effective readily available
Internet media also is reliable and up-and-coming Why these? Cosmo Sutra Cooking Your Go-To Guide to Any Occasion In Summary... Oops... The Sexual Seesaw
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