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By Nathalie, Sahar and Razan plus Steffy

Steffy J T

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Shakespeare

The Shakespearean Theater
Globe Theater
-Globe theater is a form of theater set up the audience is all around the stage
Playwrights and Authors of the Elizabethan Era
There are 6 main playwrights and authors during that era
Actors of The Elizabethan Era
Actors of Elizabethan Era were not high status
Were not trusted resulting in having to have a license to act
No license led to severe punishments (beating that may cause to bleed)
Acting style of Elizabethan Era was over dramatic and over acted
Actors were not allowed to use certain words or bring up certain topics
Used hands and arms to exaggerate
Famous Plays by Shakespeare
William Shakespear one of the most famous authors of all time, wrote a series of many things. He wrote plays, sonnets, poems. Shakespeare had three main genras of the plays he wrote which consisted of comedies, tragedies and histories.
Hamlet- Tragedy about kings and ghosts.
Romeo and Juliet - A tragic love story about young lovers from different castes.
Midsummer Night’s Dream - Classic comedy about lovers falling in love with the wrong person.
Antony and Cleopatra- A tragedy about the death of Anthony and Queen Cleopatra's reign.
King Lear- A story about a king who divides his kingdom among his three daughters based on who shows the most love for him.
Women forbidden to act in the Elizabethan Era
Boys aged from 13 to 19 played role of women
Required to wear dresses and wigs
Put on white make up consisting of lead (lead caused diseases on their faces and some died)
Whatever boys earned was given to their masters
Master gave boys a place to live and some money to spend on themselves
Elizabethan Era actors had to memorize lines/perform own stunts
Weren't allowed to wear clothes representing nobility in plays
They are :
1. William Shakespeare
2. Christopher Marlow
3. Francis Beaumont
4. Thomas Middleton
5. Thomas Kyd
6. John Fletcher

Facts about these playwrights
- one of Shakespeare's most famous plays was preformed: Julius Caesar
Shakespeare- The Most Famous Play Writer
Thank you for listening to our presentation, we hope you enjoyed.
- it is hard to preform on a globe theater because the actors back will face the audience most of the time
William Shakespeare was one of the most famous play writers and poet of his time. He wrote about histories, comedies and tragicomedies. In this presentation we will learn about exactly what, where and how they took place.


- it was created by Shakespeare in 1599 and was burned down in a fire on June 29, 1613
- the new Shakespearean globe theater was built in 1997
- is one of the oldest form of theater
History of the Globe Theater
- http://actingthroughtheages.webs.com/elizabethanera.htm

- http://essentialshakespeare.wikispaces.com/Elizabethan+Actors
Inspirations of Shakespears plays
Shakespeare was inspired by many aspects in his life such as life itself, art and other authors. Two of Shakespeares biggest influences to his plays were his two favorite authors.
Geoffery Chaucer (1340-1400) - a poet from England. Considered one of the best poets of middle English (The English language from c.1150 to c.1470).
Plutarch (46-120 AD) - a biographer (someone who writes about other peoples lives) and philosopher (a person who studies general problems: reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, language).
(Sources for "Famous Plays by Shakespeare"
these authors/ playwrights were inspired by people and/ or other plays
the authors were trying to tell us about the past and what consequences some hardships can lead to
were made to tell stories about the past
taughts valuble lessons to many people
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