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Community Organizing: People - Power - Change

No description

Kristin Furjanic

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Community Organizing: People - Power - Change

Shared Strategy
Shared Structure
Practice: Build an Effective Team
Shared Story
Practice: Collectively Build Public Narrative
Shared Story
Why are you called to do the work?
Story of Self

Practice: Identify the Challenge
Practice: Draft Organizing
Practice: Map Actors
Who am I organizing?

To do what?

By when?
Who needs to be involved?
Power Relations
1:1's to build Commitments
Enabling Team Structures
Interdependent Leadership (Snowflake)
Revisit Organizing Statement & Map of Actors
Self + Us + Now
Create timeline
measurable goal + efforts
1:1s used to drive action
(Example: House Meetings)
Shared Action
Are there any opportunities for improvement?
Community Organizing Best Practices:
People - Power - Change
A guide
through the

Community Organizing...
Organizing is a form of leadership that is about equipping people (constituency) with the power (resources) to make change (real outcome).
Shared Commitment
Commitment is the glue of your campaign

Identifying, Recruiting & Developing Leadership
Building Community
Turning Community Resources into power

Relationships are rooted in shared values.
Leadership, Organizing & Action
Evaluate Tactics
Team ~ Acclimate new members
Adjust Timeline for Next Peak
Relaunch if needed
Celebrate ~ based on measurement
Practice: Peaks, Evaluation & Growth
Snowflake Model: Leaders develop other leaders who in turn, develop other leaders, all the way "down". Your success depends on developing the leadership of others.
Evaluate &

It all starts here...
What is Community Organizing?
Shared Values
Shared Commitment
Shared Action
Shared Structure
Shared Story
Shared Strategy
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