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Bipolar Transistors

No description

Benjamin Yeong

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of Bipolar Transistors

Bipolar Transistors automatic switch circuit symbol sensing circuit a very small current flowing into the base of the transistor is enough to switch it on a much larger current is able to flow between the collector and the emitter base of a transistor is usually connected to a sensor resistor is usually connected to the base, to prevent the transistor from being damaged by too much current moisture-sensing circuit light-sensing circuit examples temperature-sensing circuit thermistor change sensitivity
add potentionmeter between base of transitor and the negative terminal The temperature-sensing circuit can be modified so that the transistor switches on when it gets cold light-sensing circuit light-dependent resistor (LDR) change sensitivity
add a resistor between base and the negative terminal the light-sensing circuit can be modified so that the transistor switches on in the dark by swapping the LDR and resistor can be swapped for this application temperature-sensing circuit moisture-sensing circuit A simple moisture sensor can be made with two metal rods held in a connecting block
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