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Feudal System- medieval times

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sars ve

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Feudal System- medieval times

significance of the feudal system to church history
The feudal system gave structure to the church
There was no separation between the church and everyday life
Anyone who disagreed was called a heretic and was burned at the stakes
beginning of the catholic beliefs which lead to the reformation and purification of the church

What is the Feudal System
The political, military, and social system in the Middle Ages was based around the Feudal System.
A system where the King has power over everyone. Next are the nobles, they have to provide the king with loyalty and knights. The Knights fought for the King. At the bottom of the Feudal system are the Serfs. who worked for the lords in return for safety.
Time Period
Feudal system was during what is known as the medieval times
lasted from 8th century AD to the 15th century AD
The Church and the people
people lived and died seeing the church as a vital part of their lives
All members of the Feudal system feared nothing more than excommunication
the church remained the single most powerful institution in Europe
it was the church that held hope of salvation and mercy in a time when many felt hopelessly oppressed in a economic system
Where was the feudal system
Introduced to England following the invasion and conquest of the country by William the conqueror
medieval times
Church had great influence in shaping feudalism
Although the church was not structured as feudal in character, its hierarchy was similar to the feudal hierarchy.
The Church and the Feudal System
The lords ran the local manors.
Were also the knights and could be called into battle at any moment by their Baron.
The king, nobles, knight and monks were more privileged than the serfs
Around 90% of the people worked the land as peasants
They got payed very little
Top leader
Could not control all of the land by himself
Divided it up among the Barons
In return, the Barons pledged their loyalty and soldiers to the king.
The top church leader in the kingdom
managed an area called a diocese
The Catholic Church was very powerful in most parts of Medieval Europe
This made the Bishop, the leader of the church, very powerful
Ruled large areas of land called fiefs
Reported directly to the king
Very powerful
Divided up their land among Lords who ran individual manors.
Their job was to maintain an army that was at the king's service.
Why A feudal system
Needed a way to feel safe and secure
The church owned much land, given to them by nobles as gifts.
Many bishops and abbots were much like lay seigneurs.
This feudal connection between church and state gave rise to the controversy over lay investiture.
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