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Analysing Maps

No description

Rebecca Xerri

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Analysing Maps

Analysing Maps
Harriet, Kyra, Jess, Rebecca
Why geographers deconstruct maps?
"Deconstruction urges us to read between the lines of a map - "in the margins of the text" - and through its tropes to discover the silences and contradictions that challenge the apparent honesty about the image"
(Harley, 1989:3)

"The map has often been interpreted as one of empires most powerful imaginative tool"
(Driver, 2014: 236)
Princeton University in 2003
International Networks Archive Project
Mapping the global web
Starbucks as a
global hub
some of the poorest parts of the world with some of the wealthiest.
The use of..
Proportional Circles
The aims of the map can also be determined by what it does not show.
In Summary
Important for geographers to deconstruct maps as they are ways of representing geographical knowledge.

Maps can be deconstructed through exploring the context in which they are created.

Analysing the methods used to represent geographical data.

Allows geographers to determine the purpose of the map and how it aims to shape the knowledge of the reader.
Analyse a map and consider why geographers would want to analyse or deconstruct maps
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