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Inquiry Project - Magic Tricks

It shows 3 magic tricks involving cards

Tony Vuong

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Inquiry Project - Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks Teleporting Cards Card Jump Trick Red and Black Trick When removing cards from the pack, secretly leave the top card in the pack After lift up each card and tell them the number/suit of the cards that you have, then place it down again. (Tell people that you have lifted the top card) Ask the spectator to insert all the cards back into a deck. Then shuffle and sort out. Look for the card that is missing and tell them that's it missing, then take it out from the pack. Shuffle the deck and have someone pick a card. While they're memorizing their card, move the top card to the bottom facing upside down and turn the deck around without them knowing Hold the deck out and ask the spectator to insert their card. Scan for their card(the one that's upside down) Place their card on the top of the deck and slide it a little out and drop it over a table and it will flip over revealing the spectator's card. Seperate the decks into a red one and a black on before doing the trick. Have one person pick one card from each deck, memorize it and place it in the opposite pile. Have the person shuffle the decks seperately now then place the two decks together. Now look for the two cards that don't match the suites. The End!
Now give me a score.
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