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Rina Lee

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Holidays

HoLiDaYs Children's day ^o^ In South Korea MAY 5th
is recognized as Children's Day. International Children's Day is celebrated on June 1st.
It began in Turkey in 1920... In the U.S.A no one really celebrates Children's day anymore :( Arbor Day It’s a day when everyone plants a tree, and tries to be do their part in helping out the earth. In South Korea Arbor day is celebrated in APRIL 5th. Originated in
Nebraska City, Nebraska, United States

but it's not widely celebrated in the different states... Chuseok! Mother's day This year Mother's day is at MAY 9th. It's a day to honor mothers and motherhood. Father's day This year Father's day is at JUNE 20th. parent's day MAY 8th What do you do during Parent's day? What do you do during Chuseok? Christmas December 25th Is a Christian holiday but many of the traditions are lost and many non-christians celebrate it. . . Halloween October 31st jack o laterns Costume parties CANDY!

candy corn

Trick or Treat
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