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Child Development

No description

brianna stearns

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Child Development

Child Development
By: Brianna Stearns
Dangerous surroudings
poor taken care of areas of where the children are most
staff not doing anything
and staff not knowing what to do
kids doing nothing but just sitting there and also kids crying with no attendance
things to look for in the right day care
Always make sure that the day care is licesed so you know that everyone wokring there is educated in the right way.
Make sur everything safe and in case of an emergency they have the right equipment
that they have the right toys fir that childs age group
and they teach well with the right education
Need a good daycare for a child or an upcoming child? Parents should always look into the daycare ahead of timeto look for the things best for their childs needs.Important aspects include good educatuion. safe ground and safety equipment, and age appropriate toys. In addition it is super important to make sure the staff is lisienced.

Why I chose this topic
why this child care is important
Children can get hurt in many ways, because if a parent wanted an at home day care where someone would go to there house and the the parent wasnt vary cautious of who was watching their child many different things could happen to the child
This is a very important topic because some parents do not choose a very good daycare for their child and they can end up getting hurt, getting sick quickly, not eating and getting dhydrated, and not learning.
What not to look for in a day care

There are many places where people can go to get degrees and the education to work at a day care
There arent many issues with daycares not fit for children because they are usually shut down because there is no buisness
Thank you!
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