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As hard as rock

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of As hard as rock

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15th March 2018
The strongest rock
To know the differences in strength and hardness between rock types
To know the properties of metamorphic rock
To build a rock gallery
what does it look like?
When a metamorphic rock is formed under pressure, its crystals become arranged in layers. Slate is formed from shale. Slate is useful for making roof tiles because its layers can be split into separate flat sheets.

Marble is another example of a metamorphic rock. It is formed from limestone.

Metamorphic rocks sometimes contain fossils if they were formed from a sedimentary rock, but the fossils are usually squashed out of shape.
1. let's test our rock with acid
2. Let's build a 'gallery of rock'
Make as many words as you can out of the word 'metamorphic'
Metamorphic rock
Earth movements can cause rocks to be deeply buried or squeezed. As a result, the rocks are heated and put under great pressure. They do not melt, but the minerals they contain are changed chemically, forming metamorphic rocks.

Sometimes, metamorphic rocks are formed when rocks are close to some molten magma, and so get heated up.
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