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Scenario Sequence #3 - Cover Letters

No description

Anthony Tischer

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Scenario Sequence #3 - Cover Letters

Scenario Sequence #3 - Cover Letters
The Setup
Seeking a job with Merrill Lynch as a financial analyst
Graduated with a BS of Finance from ASU
Plan to enroll in graduate courses
Job yields $55,000
You are required to submit a cover letter
The Cover Letter
Make the employer remember you

Show effectiveness at desired position

Use examples of praises

Briefly tell your story
For me, I use it to explain my major switch in career path.

The jump is unclear on paper and needs an explanation.

I take the opportunity to grab the employers attention with my story.

Include where you were, where you are and where you want to be.

Reference experiences to show capability, drive, responsibility, etc.
Part 2- Scenario
You have given the future employer permission to contact your previous employer

During phone interview, you are ask for your reason for leaving your previous position

Explanation: left a hostile work environment
Q & A
Q: Why did you leave your previous employer?

A: I left for a number of reasons...
Be careful! This question is a trap!
Avoid negatives and rants
Do not "bash" previous employees, bosses, companies, etc.
Highlight the positives
Show your responsibility, action steps and the result
Part 3- New Cover Letter
Two weeks later you are offered the job!
The position, though, is for the Accounting Deartment Manager
Hiring staff feels you are qualified
Task: Write a new cover letter for the new position
Cover Letter #2
Be Careful!
It's another trap!

Do NOT submit the same letter as your original

Rewrite the letter for the new position

Remember, show how you can be
effective at the position
Change your direction

I talked more about leadership experiences, perseverance and application of knowledge

Transformed from a vague personal evaluation of attributes
More Changes

Notice, a brief summarization of the first cover letter

The hiring staff already knows you

It, instead, serves as a refresher
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