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Seventeen Magazine: 1969 and Now

Group Project Presentation for WMST488T

Kaitlyn McCoach

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Seventeen Magazine: 1969 and Now

Articles informing teens about the dangers of drugs

The Beginning of dating sites: a computer program that matches you up with others

Articles about Celebrities

Relationship advice: Friendship is important

You are 16 going on
Seventeen Magazine

History Lesson
Picture Perfect
Sincerely Yours,
The Portrayal of Girls in Advertisements in 1969 and 2008
The End

Travel section where teens are educated about other countries

How to keep yourself healthy during flu season

How to act confident and professional around men

Teaching girls how to act so boys will like their company (be a cool girlfriend)

Current events such as the moon landing (June 1969)

Love and Dating (almost all articles point back to this in some manner)
Sex and, STD’s
Dealing with trauma, disorders and fat
Articles about female movie stars or singers on the cover

Article about the benefits of living off-campus

Sex, HIV, Menstruation and Pregnancy

Advice for getting summer jobs or volunteer positions: Career oriented

Girls & Magazine Advertisements
By: Lexy Blajan, Kaitlyn McCoach
Caitlin Murphy, Jacque Studley
Marketing aimed at girls shows that they were recognized as having economic value
In 1969 ads were often explicitly focused on helping girls find a man
In 2008 they appear to be more empowering, but still tend to promote impossible beauty standards
Beauty Products: For the Girl or for Her Future Man?
xoxo - A!
what you think!
Extra, Extra,
Read All About It

New movie stars, musicians or up and coming movie directors were often featured in the magazines
A little rebellion is good for the soul: The importance of rioting and activism

Friendship and Dating
Political Activism
Current Events
College Life
Career Advice
1969: For the Man
2008: For the Girl
Objectification of the Female Body with an Explicit Message of Impressing a Man
Romantic Photographs used to Market Beauty Products and Clothing
Threat of Embarrassment from a Man used to Market Products
2008: For the Girl
Beauty product ads in 2008 never mentioned a man explicitly
Often focused on "enhancing" beauty that was already there
Also on saving time or finding quick fixes
Opportunities for Girls Portrayed in Advertisements
1969: Focus on Domesticity
The only ad for education was located in one issue in the very back, and it was for secretarial school
2008: Focus on Education, Activities, and Friends
No mention of impressing men
More empowering messages about education
Focus on confidence as a personal gain, not something needed to impress men
Menstruation/Feminine Products
In 1969: Men were pictured
In 2008: There were never men. Femininity was portrayed with pink colors and flowery clothing
Male Presence in Ads
Other Products - 1969
"It's not baby fat, it's water weight build up."
At the end... "Of course, if you still look puffy after taking Pamprin, maybe it is fat, baby."

A lot of Ads for feminine deodorizers
Feminine Product
Ads: 2008
Much more militant messages
"Outsmart mother nature"
Focus on regaining time and confidence that could have been lost
Retail Therapy

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