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Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di

Ancient China project term 4


on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di

Facts Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di ANCIENT CHINA PROJECT
TERM 4 Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di wanted to make the community follow his rules. He standardized the writing system to that you must use gou't characters. All of China had to have the same currency including the coins. All weights, measurements had to be changed to what he wanted them to be. Not everyone was happy with that and not everything that Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di was good for the community. Emperor's Death and Burial THE STANDARDISATION OF CHINESE CULTURE Book Burnings The Unification of China Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di wanted to make all of China his own. He would and did do everything that was possible for this to happen. Many people wanted him dead, some really wanted him gone so badly that they tried to assassinate him. Most of the trespassers were caught before they could go eye to eye with each other. Shi Huang Di had spies and used bribery and alliances to make sure each State did not join as one to try and take Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di out of his position. He had armies of over 600.000 men to keep him and his country safe. By 221BC Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di declared himself the first Emperor of China ever. Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di wanted to be one of
the most known and most famous Emperors of all
time. Li Si told Shi Huang Di that they were going
to use the Confucius books to overthrow him. So he wanted
anyone who possessed any of the Confucius books
to hand them into authorities for them to be
burnt to bits. Anyone who refused to hand them
into the Government was marked with a facial
tattoo and was sent to forced labor. If any of
the people showed the books to the outer
community they was executed and his or her body
was shown on display. Chinese text shows that
460 scholars were executed. All of these books had
information that would have answered a lot more
questions that are still to this very day unanswered. Facts Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di had over 270 Palaces in Ancient China. Most Ancient Chinese men only lived to their early 30's to late 30's. Facts China's name came from Qin which is pronounced Chin. Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di Another name for the Great Wall of China was the longest "graveyard in the world" because of the countless amounts of dead bodies that were buried throughout the wall. Building the Great Wall of China Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di had an army but he wanted to be
on the safe side with his protection and his countries
protection. He thought he needed to build a massive 1,500
mile defensive wall to defend his country. Shi Huang Di
didn't want any enemies to be entering the country nor any
one leaving. When he ruled himself Emperor of china he
thought he would make it bigger to span from the Northern
China Frontier. This historic icon took over ten years to
build. Over 300,000 men and women worked on this land mark,
10's of thousands of builders did not make it out alive,
They had no choice on whether they wanted to do it or not.
They were treated like slaves. As a matter of fact the
defensive wall wasn't as big a success as Emperor Qin
Shi Huang Di could have imagined for. The 10 metre wall
didn't stop invaders from invading China. Emperor Shi Huang Di death was unexpected. He died while
looking for an elixir of immortality. He died at the age of
49 in 209 BC. Scholars thought that he may have
accidentally poisoned himself in an effort to gain
immortality. Qin Shi, Shi Huang Di top adviser thought it
would bring corruption to his country if he told everyone
so he decided to keep his death secret until they reached
Xianyang. For everyone still to think he was alive they
still got food delivered to his carriage and issued fake
announcements. When they reached Xianyang they laid Emperor
Qin Shi Huang Di to rest in a tomb that they had started
working on when he was 13. His people who laid him to rest
were locked inside the tomb so they would not let a whisper
out of where his tomb was located. The tomb had 700,000
people working on the tomb. The tomb is believed to made
out of bronze and have seas of mercury flowing around his
coffin. The 8 square mile tomb was filled with traps so that
tomb robbers would not be able to rob it. Facts
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