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Writing a Paper: The Process

Students will learn the steps of the writing process and they will be able to write successful papers in our class.

Patrick Kochyan

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Writing a Paper: The Process

Writing a Paper: The Process 1. Prewriting- Before writing, you will
think of a topic and start to brainstorm ideas on paper. This will help you
get organized for the finished product. 2. Writing- You will write a rough copy with your ideas in paragraph form 3. Editing- After the first draft, have someone look over your paper and check for
Other typing or written errors "I'm not a very good writer, but I'm an excellent rewriter." -James Michener 4. Proofreading- Now that the paper is revised, you must
read the paper and check for any last errors and make sure it is
as free of errors as possible 5. Publishing- After the other four steps, it is time to publish the final copy
and turn it in. That's it! Don't worry about making a perfect paper
You are bound to have a mistake in there somewhere
Once it is read, prepare for the final step Once the paper is turned in, take a breather and relax after a job well done! After you get the paper back, ask yourself these questions:
Did I work hard for the grade I received?
What can I do better for the next paper?
Did I properly follow the writing process on this paper?
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