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Copy of persuasive message

No description

LaDarius Cook

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of persuasive message

Suggest the action you want readers take 3. DESIRE 2. INTEREST Build on attention gained in the opening.

Show benefits to receiver.

Motivate receiver to continue reading. 3. DESIRE Build on receiver's attention and interest by providing proof of benefits.

Re-emphasize benefits to the receiver.

Downplay any negative points or obstacles. Writing Persuasive Messages Goodwill Message Results Realisation Sketches is written to communicate your concern and interest.
should cause your receiver to form a positive opinion of you-sender of the message.
Timeliness is of utmost importance 1. Attention
2. Interest
3. Desire
4. Action 2 Primary Purpose: to get the receiver to read or listen to the entire message

to have the receiver react positively to the request. Indirect Plan for Persuasion 1. ATTENTION Attract receiver's attention in opening sentence.

Cause receiver to read or to listen to rest of message

Be positive and brief. Using the Three-Step Writing Process Step 1: Planning a Persuasive Message Phillip Thomas has been a loyal member of Cajun Sales Managers (CSM) since his graduation from college ten years ago. He served as secretary two years ago. Recently, he was promoted to sales manager of Orbitz Unlimited. In this position he is responsible for sales in 15 branch stores. Write him a letter informing him that he has been nominated for president-elect of CSM. You realize that Garrett is busy in his new position at Orbitz Unlimited but is highly deserving of the office in CSM. This position involves much public relations work. You may remind Garrett that he will have a year to prepare for the presidency. As benefits, both Garrett's contacts and reputation in the business community would be increased. Further, officers do not pay dues. Write a letter to Garrett convincing him that he should accept the nomination. Capture the
attention POOR WAY The nominating committee has selected you as president-elect for the coming year. You would serve in this position for one year before assuming the duties of president. GOOD WAY Your dedication and hard work over the past ten years have been among the principal reasons for the outstanding growth of Cajun Sales Managers. The nominating committee, therefore, shows its appreciation to you for this service by nominating you president-elect. 1 Build the
Interest POOR WAY This responsibility should not be taken lightly because it will take many hours each week to carry out all the duties. I know you are busy with new position at Batteries Unlimited, but all of us have a lot of work. One of the primary functions of the office is to improve the public relations between our organization and the community. I know you can do an effective job with this. GOOD WAY Your dedication and hard work over the past ten years have been among the principal reasons for the outstanding growth of Cajun Sales Managers. The nominating committee, therefore, shows its appreciation to you for this service by nominating you president-elect. 2 Stimulate Desire in the Receiver POOR WAY I know you are a busy person, but we certainly need someone to guide our organization. I feel you are the person who can do it. Our membership has grown significantly in the past two years; we feel you can maintain this growth pattern. GOOD WAY Both your contacts and reputation in the business community would be increased. You would be consulted by the business leaders. Three of the last four CSM have been promoted to upper-level management positions in their companies. Promoting CSM take some of your time, but this time would be well spent. 3 Request Action from the Receiver POOR WAY Garret, if you feel that you can spare the time to be president-elect, I would appreciate your writing a letter stating so. Make sure that you let me know because if you don't accept, I will have to find someone else. GOOD WAY Please accept the nomination for president-elect of Cajun Sales Managers. Call me at 555-4185 with your decision by June 30 so that I may place your name on the ballot. 4 Emotional Appeals:
A attempt to connect with the reader's feelings or sympathies Logical Appeals Appeals that are based on the readers notations of reason. Sales Messages a communication about a product that includes a description of the product, its benefits, available options and models, price and related services. Collection
Messages used by business firms to collect overdue accounts. p
e to collect the money due to retain goodwill with the customer Collection
Messages 3 stages 1. Reminder Stage a simple and sometimes comical message intended to get a receiver to remember to pay a bill.

these messages are normally short notes or a sticker on a bill.

(e.g Past Due, Reminder,Please Remit) 3. Warning Stage the last opportunity for a customer to pay an account before it is transferred to a collection agency, a credit bureau, or attorney. 2. Appeal Stage APPEAL is stronger than a reminder because the customer has failed to heed the reminder notice.

select the type of appeal that will persuade the customers to pay, may be to the customer's pride, credit rating, morality, or reputation. POOR WAY Dear Mr.Cruz

Why haven't you made any payments on the home theater system you purchased from us on May 19? We rely on customers making their payments so we can pay our bills.

If we don't receive payment immediately, we will be forced to take an action against you. You were lucky we extended credit so you could buy the home theater system because your credit was very shaky.

We need to receive a payment within a week, or we will take you to court to get our money, and you will be sorry you didn't pay earlier. GOOD WAY Dear Mr.Cruz

You must take pride in your home because you chose our top-of-the-line home theater system for your new media room.

Because you have been a valued customer for many years and never missed a payment, we were surprised to find that your account is past due. Reminders of missed payment on your account were sent to you in June 25 and July 25. Your account is now three months past due.

By sending a check for $523.14 (which represents the past-due payments plus a $5 late fee for each missed payment by September 1, you can bring your account up-to-date and maintain your good credit reputation. Dear Mr.Cruz

All of our costumers pay promptly, so we cannot allow you to be delinquent with your payment. We have sent collection bills for the past six months with no results.

If you don't pay your bill by January 1, we are going to turn your account over to our attorney. We are giving our attorney authority to do whatever is necessary to collect the money. You will be sorry you didn't take care of this sooner. POOR WAY Dear Mr. Cruz

Your failure to make payment for the last six months on the home theater system you purchased from us has resulted in past-due balance of $1,076.28. At this time, We have no other option except to refer your account to our attorney for collection.

The purchase agreement you signed makes you legally responsible for payment for this account. Legal action is not pleasant for either party, and it could be expensive and embarrassing for you.

You can restore your credit reputation by paying the full amount due by January 1. Please send a check for the outstanding balance on your account in the enclosed envelope prior to January 1 to avoid legal action being brought against you. GOOD WAY By Group 2:
Corey Rogan
Michael McAfee
La'Darius Cook Analyze the Situation Select the Right
Medium Organize Your
Information Gather Information In defining your purpose, make sure you’re clear about what you really hope to achieve.

The best persuasive message are closely connected to your audience’s desires and interests Once your situation analysis is complete, you need to gather the information necessary to create a compelling persuasive message • Persuasive messages can be found virtually every communication medium from instant messaging and podcast to radio advertisement and skywriters. • The nature of persuasion is to convince people to change their attitudes, beliefs, or actions, most persuasive message use the indirect approach. 4. Action Suggest the action you want readers to take from your message and emphasize it in a beneficial way.
Make the action as easy as possible to take.
Be sure to provide all information the audience needs to take the action. Using the Three-
Step Writing Process Step 2: Writing A
Persuasive Message 1. Use Positive and
Polite Language 2. Understand and Respect Cultural Difference 3. Be Sensitive to Organizational Cultures 4. Take Steps Your Creditability Using the Three-Step
Writing Process Step 3: Completing a
Persuasive Message Balancing Emotional and Logical Appeals
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