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Throwaway Daughter

No description

coco Li

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Throwaway Daughter

Throwaway Daughter Presenter: Connie Li Synopsis Hook Title of the book What this book teach me
about human nature William Bell the book title is "throwaway daughter". it's talk about a girl abandoned at birth in China and adopted by a Canadian family. the book try to convey about the human nature is selfish
some people do this because their selfish interests
People can kill or abandon their own child if it’s a girl and they only keep the boy as their child.
They do this because they don’t want to be laughed at for having girls
I learn that people cannot do evil actions for their good intention. •Language is not too hard.
•Teenagers might be interesting on Chinese cultures.
•The story is talked about a girl; not a adult. so, teenagers can approach to the main character easily. Her husband William Bell helped her to finish writing the book - Throwaway daughter.
an award-winning author.
Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1945.
a high school English teacher and department head.
an instructor at the Harbin University, the Foreign Affairs College in Beijing and the University of British Columbia.

Here are some famous books of William Bell:
Crabbe (1986)
Death Wind (1989)
Five Days of the Ghost (1989)
Forbidden City (1990) a self-identity discovery of a Chinese Canadian girl, Grace Dong-mei Margaret Parker.
abandoned by her birth mother.
she hated all Chinese and defined herself as a Canadian.
she wants to find out where she had come from.
She begins a journey to China, to meet her birth mother, Chun-mei, who had thrown her away.
changed all her perspectives on seeing herself. Cultural Knowledge:
Canadian culture in the story is presented in a simple and straight forward way and it’s open-minded.
In contrast, Chinese culture is more complicated to be explained. Citizens has to do what their leaders (Mao and Deng) said, and they follow everything without hesitate.

Topical Knowledge:
Self-identity discovery
Criticism of the Chinese culture/society Biography Ting-Xing Ye was born in Shanghai, China, 1952.
a Chinese-Canadian author of young adult novels.
a seven year career as English interpreter.
She published her first picture book in 1998.
She also writes non-fiction.

Here are some other books that she wrote:
A Leaf In The Bitter Wind, a memoir, 1997
Share The Sky, illustrated by Suzanne Langlois, 1999
White Lily, a chapter book, 2000
My Name is Number Four, Young Adult non-fiction, 2007 Central issue in the book Social norm of male domination over female
Chun-mei criticizes the social norm of having sons but not daughters
she is unable to fight against the social norms.
The only thing she could do was to send Dong-mei (Grace) away before the family kills baby Dong-mei. Central theme of the book gender inequality
people in China respect boys more than girls
All the girls in China were treated unfairly.
Grace was one of the luckiest people who get adopted by a Canadian family.
In this novel Dong-mei was treated inequitable. Main Character in this book the main character of this book is a girl named Grace Dong-mei Margaret Parker.
she is the adopted child in this book, she was left on a Chinese orphanage.
adopted by a lovely Canadian family when she was 6 months old
Grace rejected all her Chinese family heritage, because she felt that they hated her and that’s why they abandoned her
Dong-mei doesn’t like people say her Chinese-Canadian girl. Connections to other
pieces of literature Chinese Cinderella
by Mah
also a story about an unwanted daughter.
A girl named Adeline is considered to be a bad luck in the family because her mother died very soon after she was born
The story describes her lonely and discriminated life and how her positive attitudes to life achieve a greater success
It does not refer a lot of historical background as Throwaway Daughter does
It chooses to focus more on the unwanted daughter’s feelings and thoughts towards life. Why I enjoy reading this book teach me about two different kinds of culture of two countries
referral how these cultures affect citizens
I get to see the big picture when I reading this book
I sometimes get to see things the characters don’t see Intended Audience Main Plot human vs. Society: There is a president of China named Deng Xiao-Ping criticizes the social norm of having sons but not daughters, so the protagonist Grace is left on an orphanage by her birth mother.
human vs. herself: the main character Grace rejected to learn anything about China because she doesn't understand why her mother throw her away. But after she meets her birth mother and knows the reason, she starts to accept and respect the chinese culture. Thank you for watching! By: Ting-Xing Ye
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