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Life of Cyril Wecht

No description

Krystal Hansen

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Life of Cyril Wecht

This is a picture of cyril wecht graduating medical school.
From the beginning Wecht knew he was going to be a doctor.
Early Years
Many Career Opportunities
Wecht used his knowledge of medicine and law, to become a forensic pathologist.
Cyril Wecht involvement in JFK assassination
One of Wechts most memorable cases
Wecht attended the now closed Fifth Avenue High School and was the class of 1948's valedictorian
Krystal Hansen

Life of Cyril Wecht
His parents always had high expections for their only child.
Cyril Wecht was an obedient child and always listen to parents.
Cyril Wecht was born, March 20, 1931
In a small mineing town Bobtown in Dunkard Township, Greene County in Pennsylvania.
When Cyril was a child his family moved to the Hill District area of Pittsburgh
He earned a B.S. in 1952 and a M.D. from The University of Pittsburgh in 1956.
In 1962, he received a law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law.

With this title he was able to become the coroner for Allegheny county in 1965.
Cyril was re-elected twice once serving from 1970 to 1980 and then again from 1996 to 2005.
In 1982, he ran against freshman Senator John Heinz in his bid for a second Senate term. Wecht only garnered 41 percent of the vote and lost the election.
In 1999 Wecht ran again for public officefor the newly created position of Allegheny County Chief Executive Officer, but he lost again, this time to Republican businessman Jim Roddey.
Wecht put forth that there were holes in the commission's theory that one bullet caused seven entry/exit wounds.
Wecht came up with the magic bullet theory. As a punt to the commission's theory of the one bullet
In 1972, he became the first non-government forensic pathologist allowed to view the Kennedy autopsy materials preserved in the National Archives.
Expert in Pathology
Pathology is the study of diseases and the change they cause in the human body.
Wecht has completed 18,000 autopsy in his career.
Wecht has been doing autopsy since 1957
For over 55 years wecht has been preforming autopsy.

And has reviewed 38,000 others
Popular cases Cyril worked on
Some other cases he was worked on are:
Sharon Tate,
Brian Jones,
The Symbionese Liberation Army shootout,
The Legionnaires' Disease outbreak in 1976 in Philadelphia,
Elvis Presley,
Anna Nicole Smith.
Impact on Pittsburgh
Cyril Wecht made Pittsburgh known for the coroner with the most impressive background. His work is known though out the world. He specializes in Pathology but also has a background in law.
Professor at the university of Pittburgh
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