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No description

Jessica Medina

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of "Eleven"

Expository: It's Rachel's eleventh birthday, and she's at school.
Rising Action: Sylvia blames Rachel that the sweater is hers.
Climax: Mrs. Price makes Rachel put the sweater on and she starts to blame herself for being eleven.
Falling Action: Rachel starts crying.
Denouement: The sweater turned out to belong to Phyllis Lopez.
By: Sandra Cisneros
Text Breakdown:
Short Story Structure
Main Conflict: Man Vs. Self
Minor Conflict: Man Vs. Man
Explanation: The author shows man vs. man in order for the character to show that she is going against herself.
Overall Message: No matter how old you are, age does not define your emotional maturity.
Main Conflict
Conflict: Man vs. self
Definition: A character against the character itself.

Plot Summary
It's Rachel's eleventh birthday and it starts off at school in Mrs. Price's math class. The teacher asks about the owner of an ugly red sweater and gives it to Rachel because she believed about what Silvia told her. Rachel couldn't speak up that it wasn't hers. She starts pushing the sweater away until Mrs.Price tells her to put it on and so Rachel does. After class, Rachel "starts feeling three" and finds out that the sweater actually belongs to a girl named Phyllis Lopez.
Sandra Cisneros
born on December 20, 1954 in Chicago IL
Mexican father
Chicana mother
An American writer and is best known for her first novel "The House on Mango Street"
has 6 brothers and is the only daughter
moved frequently throughout her childhood and she described each one as a painful experience. It led to her finding an outlet, to her writing
would visit her grandmother in Mexico as often as possible
wrote poetry in high school
was a literary magazine editor
wrote "The House on Mango Street" when she realized that she was different than the other students while she was working to get her masters degree
went to Iowa university
The Hispanic novelist, poet, and short story writer
Summary of "The House On Mango Street"
In this video clip from "The Emperor's New Groove", Kronk is battling with himself whether to save the llama or not.
Literary devices used:

Theme: No matter how old you are, there are times when you feel less mature than what you actually are.
Continuation of Text Breakdown
Esperanza moves into a new house like her parents promised but turns out the neighborhood is mostly made of hispanics while her family is in poverty she wants to leave mango street because the house is not what she expected.
By: Jesus Gonzales, Jessica Medina, Narandy Martinez, Leonor Hernandez, Anaeliz Jacobo and Gerardo Villa
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