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Angela's Ashes

book report

Sam Gautreau

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Angela's Ashes

Anglea's Ashes Setting Limerik, Ireland
Depression-era "There's a room going on Hartstonge Street with two beds instead of one we have here for the six of us...(McCourt, 78) "The downstairs in our house is a lake again from the rain pouring under the door...(McCourt, 100)" The McCourt family lives in the slums of Limerick, Ireland were they are constantly exposed to unhealthy and bad conditions. Frank's mother,Angela, has no money to feed the children since frank's father, Malachy, rarely works, and when he does he drinks his money away A memoir of Frank McCourt's life, who was born in brooklyn and raised in Ireland "When i look back on my childhood i wonder how i survived at all. it was, of course, a miserable childhood... the poverty; the shiftless loquaciouse alcoholic father; the pious defeated mother...(McCourt, 2)" "...Oliver and Eugene, barely one, and my sister, Margaret, dead and gone. (McCourt, 2)" Out of 6 children, half die before the ages of 1 The message of Angela's Ashes is perseverance Frank had to persevere in order survive the harsh conditions he was raised in. From a poverty stricken house to disease, Frank fought through these obstaticles to survive Similarities to Frankinstien

Both stories are told by the main character as a flash back

Both characters of the two books had to persevere in order to survive

In both stories a lot of people die There are many similarities between Frankenstien and Angela's Ashes. One of the two main similarities is that both stories are told as flash backs. In Frankenstein, Doctor Frankenstein is telling Robert Walton his story. In Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt is flahing back to his life in Ireland. The second main similarity is that in both stories there is a character that must persevere inorder to survive. In Frankenstein, the monster is left alone and abandon. He is forced to learn how to survive on his own. In Angela's Ashes, Frank must also rely on himself inorder to survive the poverty in which he lives in. Differences between Angela's Ashes and Frankenstein

One is set during the American Depression and the other set in the 1800's

One story in a frame narrative and thes other is a memoir The differences between Frankenstein and Angela's Ashes is the time periods and the type of stories they are. Frankenstein was set in the 1800's and was a frame story, a story with in a story. Angela's Ashes was set in during the Great Depression in america and is a memoir of Frank McCourt's life. Overall Angela's Ashes was a very depressing book with a happy ending. The book really shows the struggles of the people who lived in the slums of Ireland. FIN FIN
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