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Napolean Bonaparte

Primary Source Project Kawaihae P.6

Ashley Hutchinson

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Napolean Bonaparte

"A leader is a dealer of hope. "England is a nation of shopkeepers." 1. The source is descriptive. It tells what people thought should happen, rather than what they though should happen.
2. The quote descripes behavior.
3. The first quote describes the actions and the beliefs of the king/ruler of France, Bonaparte. The second quote describes the nature of the "ordinary" by talking and describing qualities of the poor.
4. You can answer; "What was Napolean thinking at this time?" "What were the social statuses at that time period?" The benefits to using this source were that the information was easly understandable.
5. You can't answer; "What was life like then?" "What did Napolean look like?" etc.
6. It would prove their theory. The following quotes were stated by Napolean Bonaparte himself. The first quote talks about Napolean and what he thinks of himself, and the second states what he thinks about the French people. This is not one of my Primary Sources. But, I just couldn't resist not puting it on the presentation after Mr. Kawaihae said something about in class! This is an actual painting of Napolean Bonaparte when he ruled the French. The picture is false in the way Bonaparte looked, but do to "ruler-qualities" Bonaparte appears as the "perfect ruler." 1.The painting is descriptive telling what people though happened.
3.It shows the actions of the "elite" due to the way the painting was painted for strategic reasons, and it shows what Bonaparte acted and dressed like as a ruler.
4.You can answer; "What did Napoleon look like?" "How was his appearance?" This source allows the viewer to understand what they see easily.
5.It can't answer; "When did this painting take place?" and "Where at did it take place?"
6.It would support their descisions. This is the letter of surrender by Napolean to the British generals after Waterloo. 1. Descriptive.
2. Behavior.
3. It tells the actions of the elite generals.
4. "What was Napolean surrendering over?" This source allows you to know what happened due to a certain event or events.
5. "How many people died?" This source isn't a great one because of the limiting information on certain subjects.
6. It would agree with their descision. "Better not to been born than to live without glory." This is a one of the most memorable quotes Napolean quoted. 1. This prescriptive- stating what Napolean though about glory.
2. Behavior.
3. It explains the actions of the "elite", and some about the" ordinary."
4. You can answer; "What did glory mean to Napolean?" "Was glory important to him?" The benefits to this source is that you can understand how the "quoter" was feeling at the time.
5. Tou can not answer; "Who was he talking about about?" "When was this quoted and where?" The disadvantages to this source is that it's sometimes hard to understand what the "quoter" was thinking at the time they were quoted.
6. It would prove their theory. Napolean Bonaparte This is a sketch of Napolean Bonaparte while parching during battle with a Frech flag in hand. 1. This sketch is descriptive-telling people what the though did happen.
2. Behavior.
3. This shows the actions of the "elite" ruler during battle.
4. You can answer; "What was happening here?" "What is Napolean doing in this picture?" The benefits to this source is that you can visualize what's happening in the picture.
5. You cannot answer; "Where are they?" and "What battle are the fighting in?" The disadvantages to this source is that the source is limited and you can only descripe and understand what oyu see.
6. It would prove their theories. Ashley Hutchinson
Johnna Keene

Kawaihae P.6
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