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instruments around the world

No description

Jaime Iglesias Blanco

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of instruments around the world

INSTRUMENTS AROUND THE WORLD The electric bass, also called low, is a musical instrument of the string family, similar to the electric guitar, but with a larger body, a longer neck and has four strings and the electric guitar has more. The bass guitar is used as an instrument of accompaniment or as a solo instrument in almost every style of popular music in the world, including blues, flamenco, jazz, punk, reggae and rock. In the mid-thirties, the inventor and guitarist Paul Tutmarc invention bass in Washington. The bass is made of wood, plastic, bone or ivory, metal, nylon and silicone. The wood for the body can be alder, rosewood, mahogany, ash, maple, basswood, poplar, bubinga, wenge, ovangkol on the zebrawood or ebony. The drum is a set of percussion instruments used for many musical groups. The drum is composed by a set of wooden drums, covered by two patches are made of a plastic material. A drum is comprised by two patches, one of knocking (in the top) and a resonant (in the bottom). These drums can vary in diameter, affecting the pitch, depth, varying the sensitivity of the resonant patch. 1) the Ride and the Crash 2) tom 3 (floor tom) 3) toms 1 and 2 4) bass drum 5) drum box 6) hit hat Percussion instruments are considered the oldest musical instruments along with the wind. in 1890, drums and timbales,are from Africa and China, the dishes,from Turkey and China, and the hype from Europe. The drum is played with sticks or brushes. by Paco and Jaime Several types of drums in the drum

Bass drum. It is played through a pedal It is the largest drum in the drum.
Drum box . Its function is to mark the beats. It has little height and the sound is loud and metallic.
Toms. Toms are usually placed on the hype and can vary their size and tone.
Floor tom. Their sound is more serious than the other toms and is usually placed over individual legs. The dishes on the Drum

Are made or bronze

The part of the bass are:
-Potentiometers Hit hats. It consists of two dishes mounted on a metal stand and played with a pedal operated which allows one to fall on another generating a characteristic sound.
There are also many other types of dishes that varies depending on the size and the sound emitted and under various names such as Ride, Splash, Crash Ride, China, Cup Chime, Bell and Choper.
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