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Taylor Swift

This Presintation is about Taylor Swift. An idol to many.

Liam Payne One direction

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Taylor Swift

The Begining Getting to know music Taylor Allison Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. She lived on a Christmas Tree Farm with her family when she was young. She began to sing at ten years old. Music becoming more important then anything. Then at twelve she got a guitar, and taught herself to play. She sang at many community events, even a baseball game when she was only 11. She started to visit Nashville, as it is the country music capital of Tennessee. Her family even moved to Henderson, Tennessee in hopes of Taylor landing a recording contract. When she was 14 she landed a develpment deal with RCA Records, the biggest recored company in Nashville. They would watch her for a year and then decide whether they wanted her or not. They later on said they would watch her until she was 18, and Taylor walked away from the deal. When she preformed in the The Bluebird Café she landed a recording contract with Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Records. She released her hit single "Tim McGraw." This song made top ten on the country charts inspiring Taylor to take her career farther. Facts about Taylor Her Grandma was an opera singer.
She is a Sagittarius
She sang at a Philadelphia 76ers game at the age of 11
"Tim McGraw" was a top ten hit on country charts. Pictures This is Taylor at about twelve playing the guitar. This is Taylor on her parents farm. School Taylor's Education Taylor Swift attended many different schools during her life. I will start from the very first school Taylor went to. She first went to Wyndcroft School during the early years of her life. This might of been the years were she was in Kindergarden, and possibly grade one and two. Then she transfered to West Reading Elementary Center and then later on Wyomissing Area Junior/Senior High School. Taylor got good grades in school, but always said that the minute she got home she would get back to writing her songs. The reason she was so eager to write was because of all the feelings she had to get out of her. Not only love songs, but songs about Taylor's bullies. That's right, Taylor Swift was bullied in school as well. She was bullied by the popular group of girls at her school. She said they told her she waqsnt pretty enough to be in their group or to be their friend. Taylor said she would come home miserable everyday and that's when she would write her songs. Then the same girls that bullied Taylor should up to her concert asking her to sign their CD's . Before she became famous she attended Hendersonville High School for her freshman and sophomore years. After she became famous she attended Aaron Academy, because it was a Christian school and offered Home School services. Taylor Swift graduated High School in 2008. Taylor at Wyndcroft School One of Taylor Swift's School Photos The transformation and all the songs in between Taylor's Music Taylor's life took a turn when she made the record deal with Big Machine records. She recorded many songs for her first album "Taylor Swift" including "Tim McGraw" and "Tear drops on my guitar." it was released on October 24, 2006.
She then recorded many others for her album "Fearless" Including "Love Story" and "You Belong with me" It was released in late 2008. She recently released her newest album "Speak Now" It includes hits such as "Mine" and "Back to December" It was released on October 25, 2010. She also has two extra albums. One is called Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection , and the other is called Beautiful Eyes. Taylor went from all country music (in her first album) to a mix of pop and country (in Fearless). When she released Speak Now we heard some of the old Taylor in songs like "Sparks Fly", but then we heard a whole new side of Taylor with her song "Enchanted" which is more soft and sweet, to her song "Better than Revenge" which is Taylor's music but all grown up. Now we hear a new side of her in "both of us" as she collaberated with BOB a rapper. Taylor's 10th grade school picture Taylor in high school All Songs
2008 A Place In This World 3:22
2008 Back That Thing Up -
2010 Back To December 4:53
2010 Better Than Revenge 3:37
2008 Breathe 4:24
2008 Change 4:40
2009 Christmas Must Be Something More 3:52
2009 Christmases When You Were Mine 3:10
2008 Cold As You 4:01
2010 Dear John 6:44
2010 Enchanted 5:52
2008 Fearless 4:02
2008 Fifteen 4:55
2008 Forever & Always 3:46
2010 Haunted 4:02
2008 Hey Stephen 4:16
2008 I'm Only Me When I'm With You 3:36
2010 If This Was A Movie -
2010 Innocent 5:02
2008 Invisible 3:26
2009 Last Christmas 3:29
2010 Last Kiss 6:07
2010 Long Live 5:18
2008 Love Story 3:56
2008 Mary's Song (Oh My My My) 3:35
2010 Mean 3:58
2010 Mine 3:51
2010 "Mine" Music Video -
2010 Never Grow Up 4:50
2010 "On The Set": Behind The Scenes "Mine" Music Video -
2008 Our Song 3:23
2010 Ours -
2008 Perfectly Good Heart 3:42
2009 Santa Baby 2:41
2008 Say Yes -
2008 Should've Said No 4:04
2009 Silent Night 3:31
2010 Sparks Fly 4:21
2010 Speak Now 4:01
2008 Stay Beautiful 3:59
2010 Superman -
2008 Teardrops On My Guitar 3:25
2008 "Teardrops On My Guitar" Music Video 3:49
2008 Tell Me Why 3:21
2008 Ten Years Pass -
2008 The Best Day 4:06
2008 The Outside 3:29
2010 The Story Of Us 4:26
2008 The Way I Loved You 4:05
2008 Tied Together With A Smile 4:11
2008 Tim McGraw 3:55
2008 "Tim McGraw" Music Video 3:52
2009 White Christmas 2:33
2008 White Horse 3:55
2008 You Belong With Me 3:52
2008 You're Not Sorry 4:22 Taylor's Siblings and Family Family Taylor's Mom is Andrea Swift, her Dad is Scott Swift, and her younger brother is Austin Swift. Her Grandma is Majorie Finlay and her Great Grandpa is Archie Dean Swift. Her father is a financial advisor. Her Mom worked as a mutual fund marketing executive after she decided to work at home. Her brother attends Vanderbilt University. Her Grandma was an opera singer and her Great Grandpa was the president of the board of the Penn - bank in Pennsylvania. Taylor's Family Friends and Relationships Personal Life Friends Taylor Swift's best friend is Abigail Anderson. They were friends before Taylor was famous. Abigail was even included in Taylor's song "Fifteen". Taylor has also made many friends during her fame as well. Some of her friends include Miley Cyrus. They preformed "Fifteen" together once. Selena Gomez. They hang out all the time and always have each other to lean on. Harry Styles. They met together in America and became close friends quickly. Emma Stone. Lately Taylor Swift and Emma Stone have become friends and them and Selena Gomez have been caught together often. Also Taylor and Demi Lovato are very close. That is most of Taylor's friends. Past Relationships Taylor Swift has had many relationships in the past, but is now currently single. She has dated many people in the past actually some even before she was famous. Taylor wrote her song "Teardrops on my Guitar" for a boy named Drew that she had a major crush on. Turns out Drew had a girlfriend. Also "Should've Said No" was on her ex boyfriend Sam. He cheated on her. Now to Taylor's celebrity boyfriends. She actually dated Joe Jonas a while ago in 2007. Apparently he then dumped her over the phone inspiring Taylor to write "Forever and Always". She then dated Lucas Till. It is said they only dated for a short period of time and then agreed to be friends. Taylor then dated Taylor Lautner. They dated for a while as well, but then Taylor Swift ended it. It is said she then wrote "Back to December" for him. A song that apoligises for breaking a boys heart. She then had a few really short relationships with people such as Jake Gyllenhaal. He broke up with her over a text. Also there is John Mayer. They ended it adn Taylor was inspired to write her hit song "Dear John" There are many rumors Taylor will date Harry Styles, a friend who is in the British Boy Band "One Direction", or that she will date Zac Efron, her co-star in "The Lorax", but Taylor has repeatedly said she enjoys being single. Taylor and her brother Taylor and her Mom Taylor and her Dad Taylor swift and Joe Jonas Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Taylor swift and Lucas Till Taylor And Demi Taylor and Miley Taylor and Emma Taylor And Selena Tours Achievements Taylor's first tour was the Fearless tour. It kicked of with a show on April 23, 2009 in Indiana, and ended with a show on June 5, 2010 in Foxborough. The opening acts were Gloriana, Kellie Pickler, and Justin Bieber. They preformed many songs with Taylor during the entire tour. Taylor also preformed "Your Body Is a Wonderland" with John Mayer at the May 22 show. She also preformed "Hot n Cold" with Katy Perry and she also preformed with Faith Hill. The tour went to North America(Canada and the USA), Japan, Australia, and England. Her next tour was the Speak Now Tour. It started with a show on February 9, 2011 in Singapore and ended with a show on March 18, 2012. There were multiple opening acts some including Emma Marrone, Hot Chelle Rae, and Randy Montana. The tour went around the world with many live shows. The whole tour placed 5th on the "Top 25 Tours" chart. It earned over 100 million dollars! This is the Speak Now World Tour This is the Fearless Tour Awards Achievements Taylor Swift has won around 60 awards and has been nominated for around 146 since her career began in 2006. She has mostly won award not just for her music, but for her being a fashion role model and a regular role model for millions of teenage girls. I think the most meaningful award Taylor's ever won has to be the "BIG HELP AWARD". It was awarded to Taylor at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Not only that but it was presented to Taylor by Michele Obama. The award was given to her for all the money she donated to disaster charities, such as the disaster fund for Haiti when the earthquake occurred. Here are some of Taylor's most recent awards
• Best Country Solo Performance
2012 Grammy Awards
2012 Academy of Country Music Awards
2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards
2012 People's Choice Awards
• Best Country Song
2012 Grammy Awards
• Billboard Woman of the Year Award
2012 Billboard Music Awards Here are some of Taylor's most recent nominees
2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards
• Album: SPEAK NOW
Best Country Album
2012 Grammy Awards
• Collaborative Video of the Year
2012 CMT Music Awards
2012 People's Choice Awards
2012 Academy of Country Music Awards
• Video of the Year
2012 CMT Music Awards
• Top Country Artist
2012 Billboard Music Awards
• Choice Female Country Artist
2012 Teen Choice Awards
• Choice Female Artist Song list from: http://www.whosdatedwho.com/tpx_47065/taylor-swift/songs Taylor Swift at the Grammy's 2012 Taylor Swift at the Billboards 2012 Taylor Swift Movies Achievements In her career Taylor Swift has actually done many movies. Her first movie to appear in was "Hannah Montana The Movie" She sang her song "Crazier" at the county fundraiser. She also did the romantic comedy "Valentine's Day" She was an actress in this movie, and her character was dating Taylor Lautner's character. She then voiced the love interest in the movie "The Lorax" She was the girl who introduced real tree's. Also known as Aubery. She co-stared with Zac Efron in this movie. She then did the "Hunger Games" She produced two songs for this film and they were instant hits, both representing so much about the movie. The songs were "Safe and Sound" and "Eyes Open" So far Taylor has down many movies successfully and hopeful will continue to do more the Hannah Montana Movie Taylors Character in the Lorax Taylor and Taylor in Valentine's Day Taylor Swift Safe and Sound Videos Achievements Pictures TAYLOR SWIFT Taylor Swift singing "Star Spangled Banner Taylor Swift's music video for
"Tim McGraw" Taylor Swift "Teardrops on my guitar" Taylor Swift Fearless Taylor Swift "Love Story" Taylor Swift "You Belong with me" Speak Now Taylor Swift "Mine" Taylor Swift "Back to December" Taylor Swift "Safe and Sound" Conclusion So now you know everything about Taylor Swift. From her beginning to her personal life. You now know everything about her. Not only that but you know what an amazing person she is. She doesn't let fame go to her head, and she respects everyone around her. Like you saw before she shares her words of wisdom and is very smart. She also always gives. She gives to people that need because she has so much and they have so little. Now you know about Taylor Swift and what an amazing person and artist she is. Remember what TAYLOR SWIFT says "you shouldn't be scared of a lot of things, but you should be intimidated of the fear of being average, and if you're LUCKY enough to be different don't ever change". Remember "FEARLESS is getting up and fighting for what you want over and over... even though every time you try you lost. FEARLESS is having fears and doubts. FEARLESS is living in spite of the things that scare you to death. Remember "SPEAK NOW because the words you stop yourself from saying are the ones that will haunt you the longest." Remember "Life isn't about surviving the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain." If you remember these quotes Taylor said life will be 10 times easier. I hope you now know who Taylor is and why I choose her. THANK YOU!
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