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Card Bank Presentation

Card Bank Presentation

Rich Zhou

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Card Bank Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea What is Card Bank? A social networking service for businesses
Will revolutionize the way we organize our network
Create fast and easy access to contact information
Preserves networks and avoid losing contact
Improves the world socially and environmentally

How? Business Cards have been used for over 100 years
Business cards can be much more effective
It needs to be innovated to be more efficient By solving the most common problem business people face Business card storage Really? but we have this NO!
That does not solve the problem Problem with business cards Environmental Damage printing business cards destroy million of trees each year

Each person in North America uses an average of 749 lb of paper per year

35% of total trees worldwide are cut for paper production

200,000 trees were cut every year to make holiday cards

business cards use high-quality thick stock of paper

most business cards end up in the trash and not recycled
Information Damage business cards are easily lost

people do not take the initiative to record or store it in a safe place

lack of organization solution - Ex. rolodex, phonebook

loses the opportunity expand the network

does not allow the user to design a database fit for their mindset
Lack of Social Activity there is little interaction occuring after the exchange of business cards

does not stimulate people to communicate frequently

cannot contruct high quality interactions
Solution have an online database for registered business cards

owners will have an online version of their business card for the receiver to view

receivers who have obtained a certain business card will be able to save an electronic copy to their online profile

business cards can be stored fast and conveniently Card Bank Service How it works Registration register for an account Design Profile fill in required information
show credentials
join networks Organize & Store Contacts view in thumbnail, list, phonebook view
organize contacts alphabetically and by company
fast & easy search Step by Step What is it? QR Code created by Denso Wave in 1994
widely used in Japan
a code resembles letters and number
can be decoded by smartphone or camera phone with QR code decoder application installed
decodes in 1-3 seconds (depending on size)
multilanguage capability
superior to bar codes - holds more with less size How it will be used the QR code on a business card will encode the 12-digit number
receiver of the card will scan with phone to store the number or add the contact instantly given that he/she has data plan and Card Bank phone application installed
Overall Benefits One may not need to exchange business since he/she has already scanned the QR code
unlimited storage of business cards
Maintain connection even when a contact changes his address/phone number
Fast search and personalized organization method
Word of mouth - "recommend a card"
Keep connections active
Market Research 48% Canadians use online social networking websites for 6-7 days per week
28% of Canadians use social networking website for 1-5 days per week
from 2007 to 2008, there was a 3% increase in the amount of users of career service websites
firms are spending more on Internet Advertisement - 1.02 billion as of 2009 (Canada) SWOT
Analysis Strengths uses the culture of exchanging business cards to stimulate traffic
utilizes the technology of smartphones to market the product
low operation cost
offer convenient, online access
Corporate Social Responsibility Weaknesses strong marketing require for consumer adoption
strong, dominating competitors
new entrants to the market Opportunities new e-commerce business
Internet usage is increasing
business culture acts as a catalyst Threats competition from other social networking websites
Marketing Plan Sends email notifications to every contact on a user's contact list after registration
Trend Setting - marketing to business undergrad and MBA students
Market to large corporations Budget Facebook required 30,000 servers for 300 million users in 2009
Estimated 1 server to sustain 10,000 people
1 server is estimated to be priced at $2000 - Business Week Long-Term allow developers to develop their own applications
design a corporate feature suited for companies to use for communication Business Cards My presentation
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