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Local Option Sales Tax

No description

Adam Fjeld

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Local Option Sales Tax

October 7, 2013
We are looking to add a Local Option Sales Tax to the city of Little Falls in order to help fund a regional recreational complex including splash pad, playground, all wheel park, Bike Trail, and multi-use ballfields. If imposed the tax collection would begin in late 2015/early 2016 pending city council, community voting, and state legislative approval.
City of Little Falls Local Option Sales Tax
Local Option Sales Tax Process
Local Option Sales Taxes currently in effect in MN
Q and A
Process to add a Local Option Sales Tax?
What are we building?
Who will decide how the money is spent?
What are we asking for from the city council?

Anchor Projects

In order to impose a local sales tax, a political subdivision must obtain legislative enactment of a special law authorizing it to do so by taking the following steps (in the order listed):
The governing body of political subdivision must pass a resolution
proposing the tax stating (at least) the:
Get City Council's Approval
The proposed tax, then, must be submitted to and passed by of the voters at a general election held at least 90 days after the resolution was passed. The political subdivision may not expend money to advertise or promote the tax.

Gets put on the ballot and the community votes on it
Splash Pad/ Playground
1. Proposed tax rate- .5% (multiplier is .005%) tax rate increase
2. Amount of Revenue- $2,888,384
3. What will the revenue be used for- to help build the key anchor projects outlined in phase 1 of the regional recreational complex
4. Date that the tax will expire- after 6 years(72 months) of being in effect
Save our downtown
Bring in NEW money
Help attract new businesses & talent
Help fix serious health issues
Support underutilized tourist attractions

Sales Tax would allow the City to control the what & where within our city
Some would have it bypass Little Falls

The political subdivision must request and the legislature must enact a special law authorizing imposition of the tax.

City Council must pass an ordinance imposing the tax
Get the State Legislature to authorize
Ron Kresha, Paul Gazelka, and I(?) will head to St. Paul to get this enacted
The political subdivision must pass an ordinance imposing the tax and notify the Commissioner of Revenue at least 90 days before the first day of the calendar quarter on which the tax is to be imposed.
The childhood obesity epidemic in America is a direct result of the stationary,
inactive lifestyles led by many children. Television, video games and the Internet
have made it possible for children to lead a social life with a stimulated mind, but
they do so without even getting up from the couch. Kids need a place they can
go to get their heart rate up in a way that is fun and that they enjoy. Playgrounds provide a safe venue for kids to get up, move around and breathe fresh air.

Little Falls Community All-Wheel Park

The “All Wheel Park” effort has received tangible support from the community. This sales tax would allow our project to stay on schedule in case of fund raising short comings.

The city’s participation would restore confidence in the ability of the city in the eyes citizens across generations that have attempted an “All Wheel Park”.

Benefits of a sales tax to the “All wheel Park"’:
Increased ability to draw attention region wide to our park as few have features that we plan to offer.
Allow our park to not just be functional but beautiful. A plaza type park allows for more functions than just sports. (e.g. farmers market)
Give the park ability to be completed in time to open alongside the Veterans State Trail).
The VS trail will bring large amounts of visitors, we may need to make future additions.

The “All Wheel Park” has been a project of the Youth Task Force for over 3 years.

According to Minn. Stat. 297A.99, subd. 1 found here http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/hrd/pubs/localsal.pdf
Camp Ripley/Veterans State Trail
Little Falls NEEDS
a Splash Pad & Playground
It's Good for the Body
It's Good for the Mind
Playgrounds are a shared, communal space, which means that when children use them they get an
opportunity to learn sharing and community-building skills by practice. They learn to wait their turn,
to give the smaller kids a boost and to care for a shared community resource. Commercial playground
equipment prices are certainly worth paying when you begin to see the playground as an investment in the long-term mental and emotional development of the neighborhood children.
In addition, the brain is activated during physical activity. Movement increases the capacity of blood vessels,
allowing for the delivery of oxygen, water, and glucose to the brain.

Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that students who are physically active have improved academic
performance, achieve higher test scores, and demonstrate a better attitude toward school

It's Good for the Community
A central playground is a lovely thing to have in a town, and it greatly enhances the overall quality of life there. Communities benefit aesthetically, socially and even financially from a vibrant, active play areas, and what better way to draw families into town than with a well-designed playground/splashpad? The playground/splashpad will potentially generate revenue for local business as well as retain our location population and grow our tax base.

Who will decide how the money is spent?
Once the money is distributed back to the city from the state, the park, recreation, and tree board would decide what projects will take priority, based off of recommendations from the regional complex committee and feedback from the community

John Vetter- Son in Travel Baseball & helps coach
Frank Gosiak- Camp Ripley Veterans State Trail
Adam Fjeld- Youth Task Force
What is being asked of the council?
For their approval to put this on the ballot of the November 2014 general election to let the community decide if they would like to add a local option sales tax to help fund the Regional Recreational Complex
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