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West Africa

No description

Jenna Burdick

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of West Africa

West Africa
By: Barry,Justin,
Jenna(: Government Popular Culture Visit? Traditional
People Physical
Geography Countries in this region:Mauritania,Mali,Niger
Senegal,Guinea Bissau,Guinea,Sierra Leone,Liberia,
Ivory Coast,Burkina Faso,Gahana,Togo,Nigeria Location:30 North,0
Near Algeria,Libya, and Egypt Landforms:The Sahara Desert,The Sahel,The Niger river,Volta River Climate:The climate is mostly tropical Rain Forest in the centeral region. Desert is the north and west Africa region. Steppe is South and east Africa region Who are they?The Milbagne What are they like? They grow patatoes,onions,beans,tomatoes,and okra. Contains extended families. Children attend primary school. They speak Pular. Girls gather firewood for cooking and get fish and other food at the market. Issues surviving in the modern world. They probley wouldn't be as smart as us because they dont have schools as good as our,or technology to help you. They are used to farming and other stuff and probley wouldn't have enough money to survive. Democracy West Africa is a nice place, they have shops and very nice homes. There are demands for decent housing and clean water. They get new people every day. In villages, they are very poor they don't even have raods. Villagers build their own houses. They ride bikes to places, and most dont have electricity. No, I would not like to visit this area today. I would not want to because they dont have clean water. Some parts of West Africa are better than some other parts. Some people dont have electricity. Also people in villages have to build there own houses. I wouldnt want to because I think it is a poor part of Africa, even though not all of it is like that. Heyy Whats up military junta republic Heyyyy By:Jenna,Barry,And Jusin
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