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Where in the World

No description

tom burau

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Where in the World

Germany is an old country. Famous for it's many castles.

has 1700 bridges
Has 175 museums
at one time was seperated into 2 different city East and west by a Wall
6 U.S. Presidents have made speeches in Berlin
Almost 150 miles of waterways to navigate by boat.
2300 Bridges in Hamburg
14 % of Hamburg is green(eco)
The town hall has 647 rooms
The largest Japanese Garden in Europe in here
Worlds largest mini train set wtih approximately 9000 feet of track.
Famous people
Where in the world
3rd largest city
Was founded in 1158 by the Duke of Saxony
BMW's home is here
Capital of Bavaria
population is 1.3 million
Famous Inventions
Foods from Germany
Musik aus Deutschland
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