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Rectum/Colon Cancer

Causes,treatment, and facts on Rectum/Colon Cancer.

Kymberly Marsh

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Rectum/Colon Cancer

Rectum/Colon Cancer Causes of
Rectum/Colon Cancer There are many known
causes of Rectum/Colon
cancer. In some cases
it could be a Polyp in
the intestinal wall, other
times its a lack of enzymes
to digest food. The Exam... You would need an exam for
three reasons. The first
reason is, you have blood
your stool. The second is,
you have a family history of
Rectum/Colon Cancer, wich
means you are more susptable
of gettin this cancer. The
third and last reason is, you
have reached age 50. After age
50 you should go fo an exam every
3-5 years, and get your stool
every 2 years. During the Exam,
a doctor inserts a gloved finger
in the rectum, and gently probes
for lumps. Where is my Colon???? The Colon and Rectum are
parts of the gastronintestinal
Tract. The Colon is the uper
5-6 feet of the large intestine
and the rectum is the lower 5-7
inches of the anal conal. AKA... Large Bowel Cancer The Stages of a Polyp The later the stage, the worse of
your cancer could be! Colon Rectum Treatments... There are Several ways to treat Colon
Cancer.First you
could remove the
colon. Second, you
could remove the
polyps in the
intesenal wall, and
lastly, radation.
Radation is usaly a
last result, and or
the lymphnodes
were infected. Kyle Knipple Kyle was an avrage guy
until, he noticed blood in
his stool.Eventauly, more
and more blood was in his
stool until one morning he woke
up to blood in his sheets.
he was rushed to the hospital.
they ran tests and found polyps.
the polyps were removed and were
positive for cancer! Over time
he was scheduled for removal of
his colon! Gladly Kyle was ok,
but that is not
always the case! over
146,000 cases are
diagnosed every year!
So encourage people
you know who are over
age 50 and have not gone
in for an exam to go and get
one! And always
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