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Othello Storyboard

No description

Sara Tomazzolli

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Othello Storyboard

Panel 2
The second panel pictures the figure that represents Othello pondering on the new knowledge given by Iago. While he ponders, the black spot of jealousy in his heart grows to fill his entire heart, showing how it's beginning to build up more and more. This can be shown in the play through some of Othello's comments. One example can be when Othello asks himself, "Why did I marry?" (III.iii.248)
Panel 3
The third panel depicts the figure's now completely black heart beating relatively quickly. Also, black veins are beginning to grow out from the heart, spreading like an infection. This represents Othello' jealousy growing more rapidly and starting to "infect" his body. This panel most relates to the climax of the play, when Othello and Iago kneel together and swear to get revenge. Othello orders Iago to kill Cassio, "Within these three days let me/hear thee say/That Cassio’s not alive." (III.iii.482-483) Othello also plans to murder Desdemona. This scene shows Othello's jealousy impacting his decisions.
Panel 4
This next panel pictures the black circulating to the veins in the figures' limbs and up its neck. This simply symbolizes the "disease," jealousy, spreading throughout Othello's body. The black infection symbol can also relate to Iago's metaphor for jealousy, a "green-eyed monster which doth mock/ The meat it feeds on." (III.iii.170-171)
Panel 1
This first panel represents the beginnings of Othello's doubts. Iago is whispering in Othello's ear, telling him lies, or "[pouring] pestilence into his ear." (II.iii.330) This spurs the beginnings of jealousy, represented by the black spot forming in Othello's heart.
Othello Storyboard
Panel 5
The next panel shows the darkness now already circulated throughout the entire body, and it now beginning to consume the figure. The picture represents Othello losing control of his emotions and mental stability because of his insane jealousy. This loss of stable mind can be shown through the fit, or trance, Othello falls into in Act IV, Scene i, and Iago says, "Work on, My medicine, work!" (IV.i.35) By "medicine," Iago is referring to his lies that are making Othello insane and "infecting" him.
Panel 6
The last panel symbolizes Othello entirely consumed in his jealousy. Now he has lost all control and is acting out on his anger. An example of this is him physically hurting Desdemona, calling her a "devil" (IV.i.188), when she had really done nothing wrong at that moment. "I have not deserved this." (IV.i.189)
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