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Punic Wars

No description

Josh Mercurio

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Punic Wars

By: Joshua Mercurio Julian Collins Lucas Clemetsen
Pranav Yandamuri

The Last Battle of the Punic Wars
The beginning
The Cause
But to really understand
we need to go back
to 149 B.C
The battle of Carthage started with a bang.
Before Rome attacked, Numidia attacked Carthage many times. When Carthage asked for help from Rome, they refused because Numidia was a very rich ally, which used to be right here.
Carthage eventually gets tired of Numidia attacking so they send troops to attack it.
Numidia is raided but Carthage suffers more casualties.
hears of the news they get angry
Hey! What are you all doing down there!
The War
Carthage becomes a Roman province. After defeating Carthage, Rome became one of the most powerful city-states in the world.

Territories that Carthage once ruled became
Roman provinces of Africa.

Hannibal was taken as a prisoner after the third Punic War and later committed suicide.

The Romans sowed Carthage with salt so that nothing would ever grow there again.
Scipio Aemilianus
This amazing man was elected a leader of the army after Manius Manilius. Scipio Aemilianus was the leading general and politician for Rome during the 3rd Punic War. He continuously attacked Carthage until he succeeded. Julian is now going to tell you about Scipio.
The Romans assigned a man named Menelaus
to the task.
Rome sent 80,000 troops to attack Carthage.
Carthage had 25,000 troops to fend of the Romans.
Rome sent two groups of 40,000 to attack Carthage.
Rome burned almost all of the remaining walls and tents that the people of Carthage stayed in.

The remaining people of Carthage
were sold into slavery by Rome.

After Rome won the Punic Wars, Rome was able to expand into Africa. Many people believe that Rome expanded too much and that started the downfall of the Roman Empire.

After the Punic Wars, the senate of Rome took over the Assemblies and Tribunes.
Important People
Fun Facts
The Punic Wars were named because Carthage was founded by Phoenicians and it was the language of Carthage.
Many historians believed that the third Punic War was unnecessary.
Cato the Elder created a slogan "Carthago Delenda est", which means "Carthage must be destroyed."
Before the Romans attacked Carthage, disease struck the Roman camp.
Carthage was a former Phoenician colony.
Scipio the Younger- Led the siege of Carthage in the third Punic War.

Manius Manilius- Roman consul. Was the first leader to try to attack Carthage but failed.
Polybius- Historian of the Punic Wars
Hasdrubal- Leader of Carthage during the third Punic War.
Cato the Elder- Was once a consul. He was a statesman during the third Punic . War.
Scipio the Younger- Led the siege of Carthage in the third Punic War.
Lucius Marcius Censorinus-Roman consul.
Roman troops staked them selves outside of Carthage and starved most of the people in it to death.
Carthage wall
When war was declared the Carthaginian people hid within the walls.
While the Carthaginian people thought they were starving the Roman soldiers, they were just letting more soldiers come in. This tactic was Manilius's idea.
Roman troops
Roman troops
Eventually the Romans got tired of Manilius and elected a new leader.
The Punic Wars
Pranav will now tell you more abut Manilius.
The End
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