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Cali Breed

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Ungifted

Ungifted By: Gordon Korman Bibliography Http://thebooksmugglers.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Ungifted.jpg. N.p., n.d. Web.
Korman, Gordon. Ungifted. New York: Balzer + Bray, 2012. Print. Genre: Fiction Setting The story mostly takes place at Hardcastle Middle School and The Academy of Scholastic Distinction (ASD). Main Characters: Supporting Characters: Donovan Curtis (The kid who gets sent to the gifted and talented school)
Dr. Schultz (Donovan's old schools administrator) Characters: Katie Patterson (Donovan's sister)
Beatrice (Katie's dog)
Oz (Donovan's homeroom teacher)
Chloe Garfinkle (Donovan's robotics friend)
Abigail Lee (Donovan's robotics classmate)
Ms. Bevelaqua (Donovan's math teacher)
Noah Youkilis (Donovan's robotics friend) Point of View The point of view in Ungifted is 1st person. (Donovan Curtis, Dr. Schultz, Chloe Garfinkle, Mr. Osborne (Oz), Noah Youkilis, Ms. Bevelaqua, Katie Patterson, and Abigail Lee) Plot The problem is that when Donovan pulls a prank on his middle school, he thinks he went to far. But, because of a mix-up, instead of getting in trouble, he is sent to a gifted and talented school. Donovan isn't gifted or talented in any way. So, Donovan has to pretend that he is gifted and talented, to stay hidden from his old schools admimistrator (Dr. Schultz). Summary In the middle of a basketball game, Donovan and his two friends were up on a hill. Donovan took a branch and whacked an Atlas, it started down the hill and went into the middle school and interfeared with the basketball game. The Atlas wrecked the gym up, so Donovan thought he was in big trouble. But, with a mix-up by the administrator, Donovan was sent to a gifted and talented school. Donovan isn't even close to being gifted or talented. After Donovan gets to know his robotics classmates and learns how to drive Tin Man (robotics robot), he has to get ready for the big robotics tournament. However, Dr. Schultz finds out about where Donovan has been hiding and takes him out of that school, so he couldn't do the robotics tournament. Theme The theme is that if something happens on accident, that you shouldn't let it keep going on, you should tell someone, not keep it a secret. Recommendation I would recommend this book because in most parts of the book it leaves you hanging. For example, it leaves you hanging when Donovan's sister considers being his Human Growth and Developement teacher. I have a personal connection with that whenever something good happens, my parents get really happy about it and so does Donovan's parents.
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